Flavored Lubes 101: What You Need to Know!

Flavored Lubes 101: What You Need to Know!

To truly experience limitless sexual adventure in the bedroom, you need to get your hands on a good lube. #LubeLife is here to give you the details you need about flavored lubes and when to use them.

When is The Time for Flavored Lubes?

Flavored lubes are a wonderful addition to oral sex, and our most recommended use for them. The variety of tastes offered by flavored lubes can take the adventure to new levels of pleasure, interaction, and enjoyment.

What are the Types of Flavored Lubes?

Water-based Lubes

Made from water, glycerin, and other natural ingredients that are safe to use on sensitive skin, water-based flavored lubes can come in many different flavors, such as strawberry, cherry, and watermelon. With their sweet and tantalizing taste, water-based flavored lubes add an extra dimension of pleasure and adventure to any intimate moment, especially to oral sex! Water-based flavored lubes are also easy to clean up and do not leave behind any sticky residue. If you're looking for a fun and delicious way to spice up your sexual routine, water-based flavored lubes are definitely worth trying out.

Silicone-based Lubes

Silicone-based lubricants are a type of personal lubricant that is made from silicone oil. These types of lubes offer a number of benefits, including long-lasting lubrication and a silky-smooth texture that feels natural against the skin. Silicone-based lubes do not dry out quickly, which means you can enjoy a longer-lasting experience without having to reapply. Additionally, they are safe to use with latex condoms and other barrier methods of contraception, as well as with sex toys made from various materials. Unlike water-based lubes, silicone-based lubes are not easily absorbed by the skin, which means they may be harder to wash off. However, they do not leave behind any sticky residue and are hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for people with sensitive skin.

Hybrid Lubes

Hybrid lubes are a blend of water-based and silicone-based lubricants. They combine the slickness and longevity of silicone lube with the ease of use and clean-up of water-based lubricant. Hybrid lubes can be a great option for people who want the best of both worlds, as they provide long-lasting lubrication while still being safe to use with condoms and sex toys.

The Best Way to Enjoy Sex? With Enthusiastic Consent

Consent is crucial in any sexual encounter because it ensures that all parties involved are fully willing and enthusiastic participants. Without consent, sex can become a traumatic experience for one or more people involved. Not only is it important to have explicit verbal consent, but it's also essential to ensure that both parties have the ability to give consent. This means that they are sober, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and not under duress or coercion. By prioritizing consent in sexual encounters, individuals can have a mutually enjoyable and safe experience.

Here at #LubeLife we are inclusive and sex-positive and want everyone to have the sexual adventures they want and deserve. Consent is always a very important part of that adventure.

Learn More and Shop #LubeLife

Oral sex becomes even more adventurous with the introduction of flavored lubes. These lubes are specially formulated to provide a delicious taste while maintaining their lubricating properties. So, go ahead! Discover the flavors that tantalize you and your partner and let them take your moments to new heights of pleasure and enjoyment. Indulge your taste buds and ignite your senses with our wide range of flavored lubes available here at #LubeLife. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable experience.

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