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What is Sexercise? The New Workout Trend For Better Sex.

By Colleen 

Many of today's most popular exercise styles can double as accelerators for your sex life. Try these body and mind-strengthening sexercise workouts if you'd like to up your physical game in the bedroom.

We don't need to tell you twice that exercise is a key to physical and mental health. We've all heard the monologue on the importance of fitness since high school gym class, and – as it turns out – our old-school phys ed teachers were absolutely correct on this one.

Fitting in as few as 30 minutes per day of aerobic exercise can improve your mood and your body. Be it a brisk walk around the block with your dog or a full-on cross fit session that leaves you breathless, moving around in some way, shape, or form keeps your entire being in a better state of wellness.

But what your elementary health class teacher definitely didn't reveal is that sex exercise can have surprising improvements on your sex life, too. While that might seem obvious when you really think about it, there are certain exercises for better sex.

Now are we saying you need to be the picture of athletic perfection and beauty to have the best sex of your life? Oh hell no! See, that's actually the thing about adding even the tiniest bit of movement into your daily routine. You'll see results no matter what, totally regardless of your body shape or weight. Remember, exercise is about health and mobility, not fitting into some BS mainstream beauty standards – which have nothing to do with your capacity to enjoy sex. Exercise to improve sexuality really doesn't have to be a single use task. 

Want better endurance for thrusting or more flexibility to add new positions to your repertoire? Check out these #LubeLife approved sex exercises that can boost your holistic fitness while bringing something new to the bedroom.


Remember all those thigh-searing squat challenges that were popular a handful of years ago? If you were one of the few who permanently added squats into your workout (and don't feel bad if you didn't, because honestly, neither did we), you might have noticed an unexpected benefit while riding on or thrusting into your partner.

In short, squats work on the upper leg and butt muscles, namely the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. These are the muscles that handle the brunt of the work when you're the partner on top. Squats are also fantastic at increasing your balance and mobility, and pretty much anyone can do them or adjust them to their current fitness level.

Boom! Basically, all of the above mean you're going to have way more positioning options that focus on your satisfaction while giving your partner a show. After all those IG jokes about the on-top partner being super lazy or tired after 5 pumps, imagine their surprise when you keep on going and going like a caffeinated bunny rabbit.

Squats can, truthfully, be painful af (that lactic acid build-up, omg!) and take some time getting used to, but your on-top game will shine like never before when your leg and butt muscles have the strength and endurance to bounce. Climbing on top during sex puts your pleasure in the driver's seat, allowing you to control the depth, speed, and whatever other fun, little twists of the hips you can dream up.

Beginner's should aim for a novice-friendly squat routine to avoid injury and get the best results without pulling a muscle or overexerting yourself too quickly.


If you're impressed by all those TikTok videos of holistic influencers doing handstands in their fancy-ass living rooms or wrapping themselves into pretzels in front of their crisp-white bed sheets, just think of what a little yoga can do for your sex life.

While we definitely don't recommend white bed sheets (because honestly, sex gets messy and you really don't need to see every bodily fluid in living color), we'll certainly advise every would-be sex acrobat to get into yoga.

Just look at the things yoga practitioners can do with their bodies on social media and try to tell us your sex life won't improve when you can arch your back, stretch your legs, and bend over like a double-jointed Barbie (or Ken) doll.

Yoga works for and can be adjusted to match every body size and fitness level. Start with some basic poses and an easy routine if you're practicing alone at home.

Where you'll aim your yoga journey is up to you, but if you're already not super flexible – like can't-even-touch-my-toes style – simply adding some beginner's poses into your day can make major changes in your overall physical health, mental wellness, and, obviously, your sex life.

And yeah, if you want to aim for doing a full splits or being able to wrap your legs around your head, those are definitely some sex-worthy goals (just, you know, read up on the beginner's stuff before you attempt a running leap onto your partner's dick. Actually, no, please don't ever do that. Just stick with the yoga.).


Now here's an exercise for better sex that you might not immediately associate with sex, since rubber swim caps and crowds of loud kids at the pool are better suited for an ill-fated family vacation. Swimming, however, is the best exercise if you want to breathe heavily from more than just beating the teenagers to the top of the water slide (or, more likely, slogging through the shallow end to grab a drink at the swim-up bar).

Swimming works your entire body without putting much strain on your muscles or joints, so it's perfect for fitness newbies or anyone with physical issues that can cause pain or injury during other types of non sexercise workouts.

If we had to suggest just one type of sex exercise to improve sexuality your health with better sex in mind, swimming might just be it.

Truth is, sex is going to test your endurance no matter how you slice it, but swimming can help with that. All of the benefits of swimming for exercise beginners go hand-in-hand with everything you're already doing during sex, like improving heart health and lung capacity, relieving joint stiffness, and increasing muscle tone in literally every single muscle in your whole body.

Swimming has even been shown to lessen levels of stress and depression, which also lead to more interest in engaging with an intimate partner.

Just make sure to save the actual sex for when you're out of the water, because no amount of #LubeLife lubes can protect your vagina from all that irritating pool chlorine, bacteria-loaded lake water, or salty, drying ocean water.


As proponents of lubricated sexual activity, we couldn't write an entire blog on daily exercise routines without mentioning the one kind of sexercise workout that specifically targets your pleasure-enhancing muscles.

Kegel exercises won't help you obtain that curvy butt or muscular pair of legs you've been hoping for, but according to many devoted Kegel-ers, these pelvic floor exercises can give you stronger orgasms, better blood flow to your genitals (hello, sensitivity!), and even help tame those pesky little leaks of urine that can happen when you sneeze.

There are a few different ways to perform Kegel exercises based on your current pelvic health, but basically, all you need to do is tighten and then relax the muscles that you'd use to squeeze your vagina tight around your finger. Tighten for 5-10 seconds, then release for 5-10 seconds, and repeat for about 5 minutes per day.

You can do Kegels all on your own with a simple squeeze-and-release workout, and with or without a Kegel-ciser pleasure toy (but chances are, you'll be tempted to keep up with your new fitness habit a lot longer with a sex toy to accompany you).

At the end of the day, even if you're too tired to hop in the swimming pool, bust out the yoga mat, or get your thighs burning with some squats, Kegels are your sexual saving grace. In this day and age, we could all really use at least one sex exercise for better sex that we can also do while lying down.

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