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Have a Sexy Halloween with All Treats, No Tricks

Boo! It is time to kick off spooky season with a bang! Halloween is a fun holiday full of dressing up, eating sweets, and telling scary stories. But it can be more than that. Getting in the Halloween spirit can have a positive effect on your love life! You and your partner can use the festive spirit to create new memories and bring the celebration into the bedroom.

Get Sweet and Sexy with Your Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner; it is time to turn up the heat. Finally, you and your partner get to dress up in whatever you want and no one will care! So you had better take full advantage of it. You can plan a couple’s outfit (Aladdin and Jasmine anyone?) or create your own individual looks. There is only one rule: The costumes have to show off your own sexy personality, style, and looks. And remember, you are allowed to define your own version of sexy, and so is your partner. If you feel confident in a certain costume, flaunt it! Costumes are not just for going out and about, either. You just might want to take the costumes to the bedroom for step two.

Indulge In Some Spooky Role-play

Roleplay during sex is exciting in its own right, and a little freaky flair can make it even more thrilling. Dress this holiday season up with some spooky fun in the bedroom. It is time to let your imagination run wild. 

  • Are you long-lost lovers who have made their way through life and are now trying to find each other in the land of the dead? 
  • Is one of you a once-evil spirit who has fallen hopelessly in love and has taken on human form to declare it and make amends? 
  • Do you feel in the mood for a vampire romance or a quick fling with a witch? 

The possibilities are endless (and temptingly terrifying)! Roleplay allows you to explore your own erotic fantasy. And during this Halloween season, you can create stories that you and your partner will remember forever. 

Entice With Mystery

Halloween is all about mystery. The costumes, the masks, the scary pranks. A sense of excitement is built around not knowing what to expect. You can use that to your advantage in the bedroom. Of course, the mood for the night is set long before the clothes come off. So you can begin by treating your partner to a mysterious date night. Bring them to a new or unusual place to do the deed. Once there, you may even want to consider entering with a mask or even surprising them with a cosplay character. Whatever you do, entice them with the mystery of what is beneath your clothes. Drawn in by the excitement of the unknown, they will be more than motivated to rip their clothes off.

Create Your Own Haunted House

This option admittedly requires a lot of effort and probably even some help from a friend or two. It is certainly an exciting way to celebrate your love in the spirit of the season. Without your partner knowing, set up spooky decorations: 

  • Spider webs 
  • Ghosts
  • Bats
  • Witches 
  • Make sure all the windows are covered
  • The only light is red or purple 
  • Enlist your friend to dress up as an evil clown

You may even want to set a few booby traps (the boobies you really want will come later). When everything is ready, invite your partner over for a "chill dinner" together and watch their reaction as they step into your house of horrors. You may even want to incorporate a little role play by being the hero and rescuing them from the evils of the haunted house. The adrenaline rush will only increase once you make it safely to the bedroom.

Trick Or Treat - The Sexy Way

Okay, okay, there were not going to be any tricks but since the theme of Halloween is the mystery of the unexpected, you might want to have a few tricks up your sleeve. However, this game has to do with tricks that will have your partner screaming with pleasure, not with fear or frustration. 

Are you ready for Truth or Dare to meet Trick or Treat? Once you and your partner are alone and ready for some fun, take turns asking each other, "Trick or Treat?" If they say treat, that means they have something specific in mind they want you to do (dance together, strip your clothes, perform oral, eat candy out of their mouth, etc.) and you have to do it. If they say trick, you get to choose the action you perform for them. Remember, this is all about pleasure! You and your partner will find yourselves wanting to play this game year-round.

Make Your Halloween Flavorful

Halloween would not be Halloween without candy, right? You want to put the sweet into sweet and sexy. But it is a little bit hard to have candy in your mouth when all you want to do is kiss (or groan). Believe it or not, there is a way to fulfill your childhood desire for sweets and satisfy your current longing for pleasure at the same time! Flavored lubricant has your back. This succulent addition to your sex session is all the candy you will need this Halloween season. Just make sure to order it soon so it arrives before your spine-tingling, hair-raising, out-of-this-world experience! If you are going to be eating sweets this Halloween, you might as well be eating the right ones.

What are your Halloween plans? Are they spooky, sexy, or a little bit of both? Either way, make sure that you have everything you need with #Lubelife. Ready or not, it is time for some celebrations that start scary and end, well, pretty satisfying. Happy Halloween!

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