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If You Like Going Down on Your Partner, Try Tossing Their Salad

Although the end of summer may be approaching, there's still time to enjoy the season that many people consider the sexiest. If you're looking for a way to send summer out with a bang, consider taking a trip down under. 

Many people are a bit wary of backdoor play or simply don’t want to hang around the rim. However, if you're open-minded, and especially if you already love going down on your partner, you are in for a sensational time. Start by tossing your partner's salad --or having them toss yours!

What and Why?

Anilingus is the technical word for licking your partner's booty. However, it’s usually referred to as a rim job. 

If you're on the receiving end, you might be surprised at how good it feels. The nerve endings in the anus are very reactive. Not only can these nerve endings be quite sensitive, but being that vulnerable with your partner makes it that much better.

Giving your partner pleasure from something taboo can be empowering and satisfying for you. Don’t be afraid to get in there and explore your partner. For most people, agreeing to try salad tossing requires a lot of trust and commitment. The exploration will bring you and your partner closer and spur even more adventure, and who wouldn’t like that? 

But Isn't It... Icky?

One of the main reasons people avoid backdoor play is the fear of fecal matter or unpleasant odors or tastes. There are no two ways around it: that's where you poop from. But it's often not as dirty as you might think, especially if you've got a good diet.

You can prepare for having your salad tossed in many ways, but if you're still anxious, you don't have to go tongue-to-skin. Dental dams are perfect for that extra degree of separation and comfort. While this might be a nice set of training wheels to start off with, eventually you’ll want to drive in tongue first. You can even go the extra step and apply a bit of #LubeLife with the dam or directly on your partner's body to increase sensation.

Remember to clean your tongue before returning to the topside of your partner’s groin, to avoid any bacteria transfer. You can also use flavored #LubeLife to mask any unpleasantness or even make tossing your partner's salad a delicious adventure! Watermelon, strawberry, and even mint chocolate chip add a nice dressing to your partner's salad.

Salad Tossing Tips and Techniques

There are a few techniques to try when tossing your partner's salad. You'll know you're doing it right when they squeal, moan, and eventually splurge into orgasm! 

Of course, it's always good to directly discuss what they like, and you can even make it into a game where they rate what you're doing. Don’t forget the #LubeLife!

  •       The tip of your tongue: Using the pointy end of your tongue provides more pinpoint sensation
  •       Flat tongue: A wide tongue covers more area. Try swirling or tapping.
  •       Penetration: Insert your tongue and, if your partner likes, move it in and out.
  •       Sucking: Use your entire mouth to create suction when tossing your partner's salad.
  •       Teeth: Use your teeth to nibble and graze your partner. You can also bite their butt cheeks.

The easiest position for tossing someone's salad is often with them on hands and knees while you sit or kneel behind them. However, don’t be afraid to let them sit on your face. Alas, the position might not be a priority if you find yourself gravitating toward their backdoor while going down south. 

Preparation Is Key

A little preparation helps avoid any mishaps and gives you peace of mind, whether you're tossing someone's salad or having yours tossed. Obviously, if you are having any stomach problems, it's not a good time to have your salad tossed. Make sure you are clean as a whistle beforehand with these helpful tips:

  • Many people prefer to take a shower before getting a rim job
  • Use wet wipes
  • Try a Bidet
  • Enema
  • Anal douche
    • You fill it with warm water and gently squeeze it into your anus over the toilet

Although you might think you need to be squeaky clean, that's not always the case. Some people like the natural musk of a person's backside. It will accentuate the taboo and rawness, and don’t forget to make it sexy!

Aside from general cleanliness, some people like to remove hair to make things more comfortable for their partners. It might be enough to trim your hair, but you can also shave or even ask your partner to give you a hand if you find it fun and sexy. It might be easier for them to reach all your nooks and crannies, and it gets them used to being around your backside. 

Either way, be careful with grooming down south, don’t want to cut or knick that bootyhole. Consider yourself armed to toss your partner's salad. Hopefully, it opens new doors when it comes to your sexuality and relationship!

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