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Liven up Your Masturbation Sessions by Trying These Different Positions

When it comes to everyone’s favorite pastime, we often hear and read about how variety is the spice of life. And it’s really true. There’s a reason why there’s countless books, articles and advice columns informing us that when it comes to sex, it’s vitally important to try new and different positions. Doing the same thing over and over in the bedroom, no matter how enjoyable, will make your relationship with your significant other grow old and stale faster than a $3 bill will get rejected at Starbucks.

It’s advice as timeless as life itself. The Kama Sutra, the ancient Indian manual of love written over 2000 years ago, describes 63 different sexual positions that couples should try. The Kama Sutra wasn’t some gratuitous version of porn in its day. It was and remains a cherished how-to guide to living well, maintaining and enhancing one’s sex life, and generally learning how to enjoy all pleasure-oriented abilities of the human existence. 

Interestingly the Kama Sutra provides little in the way of advice on different positions for those who like to ride solo. That’s because it was mainly written as a how-to guide for couples. It does, however, have plenty of advice on genital touching, sexual play and, is extremely sex positive.

In the several millennia since the Kama Sutra was written, masturbation somehow became taboo to talk about or admit to. These days, though, self-pleasure has definitely come out of the closet. 

Masturbation is generally recognized by the medical and sexual wellness community as an extremely healthy activity that has numerous benefits to well-being. Aside from the physical benefits, intimacy with yourself is simply a beautiful thing that opens up a world of pleasure that your amazing body, and its inherent gifts, were meant to provide.

Of course, like sex for couples, solo sex is always more exciting when there’s variety and experimentation involved. So, in the spirit of the famed Kama Sutra, we’ve put together a little guide exploring different positions you will definitely want to try so you can turn getting off into an art form, and take your orgasms to the next level.  

Before we have you twisting yourself into a pretzel in the hunt for the world’s greatest orgasm, however, just a few words of advice. Always approach solo sex with a very open mind.  First, feel free to get out of the bedroom. Head to the hallway where that tall mirror stands, climb up on the kitchen counter, utilize your bathroom. Nobody’s watching and nobody will ever know. Your home is your solo sex palace. Use it like one.

Also, always make sure you have your bag of toys and pleasure products handy (...see what we did there). This could start with things to get you in the mood, such as your favorite wine, a scented candle, some sultry music. Once the mood is right, try introducing a sex toy or vibrator to enhance the erotic pleasure. And always, always have plenty of #LubeLife water based lubricant handy. Introduced into a session at just the right time, some properly placed #LubeLife will keep the action hot and heavy, and help you take your orgasm to the outer reaches of the universe. 

Also, take your time and don’t be in a hurry. One great technique is to take yourself right to the very edge of an explosion, then back off. Add some #LubeLife, then go back and do it again. The more you buildup the excitement and the longer you can stand it, the bigger the orgasm in the end. 

Laying Dead

Otherwise known as lying on your back, this might not sound super sexy, but it’s probably the most popular way for most people to pleasure themselves. And for good reason. Firstly, it’s comfortable. Secondly, it’s easy. After a long and tiring day, there’s nothing quite like just flopping onto your bed and letting your hands do the walking.  

Because this is such a relaxing position, it helps foster good use of your imagination. It’s easy to simply spread your legs and let it all hang out while you dream the nastiest, freakiest sex fantasy possible. 

Make good use of your pillows too. Place a pillow under the small of your back to arch your body. Prop up your head so you can have a bird’s eye view of the action. Try a one-handed pleasure session while the other is slathered in #LubeLife while you tease your nipples and your mouth.  

Standing Tall

What is it about standing while getting pleasured that feels so right?  Standing on your own two feet while getting off is the ultimate freeing experience, almost as if you are floating. Then there’s the power dynamic. Standing tall and proud while wave after wave of ecstasy crashes over you could be the most amazing and empowering feeling in the world. 

Enhance your standing self-service session by doing it near a tall mirror. Seeing yourself standing in all your naked glory will greatly ramp up the excitement. It’s also exciting to imagine that person in the mirror as someone else, say a porn star.

Using a nearby wall for support will allow you to contort your body to reach your desired pleasure points. The wall will also provide a needed backstop when that earth-shattering orgasm erupts through your soul. 

Filling Your Stomach

Lie on your stomach with one or two pillows under your midsection so your hips are angled up. This allows you to thrust into the pillow. This is also a good position for fantasizing that you are being pleased from behind. 

Chairing The Meeting

Your go-to and most comfy chair in the house isn’t just for sitting and reading, or watching your favorite shows. Properly made furnishings can also provide excellent venues for solo riding. There’s seemingly endless positions to try on a proper chair. (Word of warning: bring a towel to cover up the landing spots.)

The most basic position for self-pleasing would be to sit back normally in the chair and prop up your feet on a foot rest with your legs spread wide. This opens up…literally…all kinds of pleasure possibilities. 

If your chair has sturdy arms, try placing your feet on the arms and getting into a squatting position over the seat cushion. This position will make you feel like a strong, nude contortionist, further enhancing whatever fantasy you are running with.

You can also try facing the chair and straddling one of the arms while you gently rub your pleasure parts back and forth.

The Shower Show

Pleasing yourself while getting all lathered up as warm water washes over your body is simply a no-brainer. Not only is the act itself a sort of liquid ecstasy, the shower provides the perfect cover if you happen to have roommates in the house.  

If you have a ledge in your shower, put one leg up and let your fingers get to work. Even better if you have a removable shower head with different pulse settings.  

Be very careful in the shower, however. It’s easy to get carried away and lose your footing when that mind-bending orgasm hits. 

Tub Times

A bathtub and masturbating go together like homemade waffles and maple syrup. Lay back in the warm bubbly water while you spread your legs over the edge of the tub. Place your groin under the faucet and let the warm water perform its magic. 

On Bended Knee

Place a cushion on the floor while you get down on two knees. This will give you a nice solid base where you can engage in various kinds of solo play. This position pairs perfectly with the inclusion of sex toys and lube because the pleasure destinations are easy to reach. This position is also good if you want to grind or rub back and forth on something beneath, like a toy or a soft pillow.

Turn The World Upside Down

Wanna get super freaky? Lie on the floor near a wall, then snake your legs up the wall so your pleasure parts are directly in eye view. Now get to the erotic task at hand and feel what it’s like to be a gymnastic porn star. Don’t forget that age old adage, though; what comes up, must come down, especially bodily liquids. Have a towel handy. 

Remember, just like regular sex, solo sex is always better when there’s variety. That means trying different positions, which are sure to help you discover how to increase the power of your orgasms.  Stay creative, and also keep plenty of #LubeLife at the ready. That’s a combination that is guaranteed to turn you into a solo-riding pro. 

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