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Seven Ways To Get Turned On As The Leaves Turn

Autumn is coming and adventure is in the air! The outside air is bold and daring, trees are beginning to display the most vibrant hues in their color palette, and you are ready for some excitement of your own. As the leaves turn, it is time for your sex life to gain a little color along with the foliage. It's time to change up your routine and this means more than just a pumpkin spice latte. 

1. Oh, Hello, Have We Met? 

There is no doubt about it. Autumn is a time for going out of your comfort zone. Change up your look to help you feel confident in newly brisk air. Your body is beautiful and you deserve to feel good no matter the season! Get a new hairstyle or grow a beard (just keep it well-groomed) and don’t be afraid to explore newer, bolder clothing options. 

  • A sleeved-crop top, to show some skin but give you enough coverage to brave the wind
  • That sexy long-dress that was a little too warm to wear over the summer
  • Turtlenecks made of corduroy or other fabrics that hug your curves

The trees are bursting with color, so you might as well join the party! You might even want to redesign the landscaping down there for a little spicy surprise for your partner. Just make sure to have some lubricant on hand, because, well, the new style might make your partner hungry. Giving yourself a new look creates a sense of adventure and mystery that just needs to be explored.

2. A Date To Remember

Setting the mood begins with the perfect date. Once you have your college sweaters, ankle boots, and slouchy hats on, you have to put them to good use before stripping them all off again! 

  • Take your partner to their favorite coffee shop for a cozy atmosphere and some heart-to-heart chats
  • Head out to a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard for some fruity time before the booty time
  • If you would rather spend the night in, bake some autumn-themed treats together (apple pie, pumpkin-spice cookies)

Just make sure you take the opportunity to get close and personal by seductively feeding bites to each other! One final fall date night idea is to pull the blankets and pillows outside and go stargazing together. Start up the fire pit and stoke the flames between you and your partner. As the temperature drops above the neck, the forecast below the waist heats up. 

3. Fall Flirting

The opportunities here are endless, and now’s the time to take advantage of them. Autumn is a great time to brush up on your barista skills, because a homemade pumpkin spice latte is absolutely tantalizing. During outdoor dates, make sure to keep your eye out for subtle ways you can care for your partner:

  • Slip your jacket around their shoulders if they seem cold
  • Grab their hand in the middle of that corn maze and whisper, "We'll make it through this together." 

If your partner likes sassy sex talk every now and then, feel free to throw in some naughty lines:

  • "This isn't the only fruit I’d like to eat today" at the apple orchard
  • You might even try a little role-play: "Hey, you look cold. My house is just around the corner, if you want some hot apple cider..." 

The trick is to gauge what kind of flirting your partner likes, and then make the most of it!

4. Cozy Up At Home

You probably want to get straight to the kind of "cozying up" that leads to moans and screams. But a few things need to happen first. Namely, you need to turn your home into an erotic autumnal haven where the best things can happen. Your home has to be cozy in order for you and your partner to get cozy, so pull out all those autumn decorations. 

  • Candles? Check. 
  • Tiny pumpkins? Check. 
  • Cinnamon apple scents? Check. 
  • Harvest flower centerpiece? Check. 
  • Twinkle lights? Check. 
  • #LubeLife Flavors? Check.

Actually, you should probably get more twinkle lights, because they make everything more romantic. And make sure to top it all off with the perfect playlist to get things going. 

5. Want To Get Wet?

No, this is not a pickup line. It is time to take things literally and run a hot bath for you and your partner. As things get chilly outside, they get steamier inside. And this is one very effective way to turn up the heat. Nothing is quite as alluring as slipping into a warm bath with your lover after an exciting but chilly romp outdoors. To make it even sexier, take your bath by candlelight and have some red wine available for sipping as you stare into each other's eyes. And, like always, don't forget the playlist! You may feel the urge to rush on to other things, but this is a great place to take your time. Live in the moment. Enjoy the warmth and the companionship. After all, you have all night. And if you want things to get really wet, even after the bath is over, make use of this lube variety pack to add some rather exciting variety to your evening. 

6. Hot Bodies

After the heat and sweat of summer, the nippy autumn air can be quite a welcome change. However, having a little bite in the air means that getting naked can sometimes be less appealing.! A little forethought, however, can make it look like the problem never existed. Invest in warm, fuzzy robes for you and your partner. The ease of slipping them on and off will make sure your skin doesn’t get exposed to cold air any sooner than you want. Plus, it also makes sure that the prize you have been waiting for is easily accessible! Also, it is time to pull out your blankets and comforters but, you just end up be kicking them off by the end of the night. 

7. Don't Forget Those Sexy Fall Flavors

You are allowed, and even encouraged, to bring food into the bedroom. After all, sometimes you need a little energy in between those big O's. Take advantage of all the great fall flavors and get creative. For instance:

  • Bring a few donuts to the bedroom and see if you can find anything that might fit through the middle of a donut (wink, wink)
  • Pair whipped cream with your pumpkin pie, and remember that fingers aren't the only things you can lick

Oh, and speaking of flavors, remember to check out these flavored lubricants for an even tastier night! Remember, you only have one life. So you might as well live an exciting one! Head over to the comment section to share what makes you get hotter as the weather gets colder!

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