Seven Ways to Last Longer in Bed

Seven Ways to Last Longer in Bed

If you have a penis and are looking for ways to extend your performance without having to rely on medications or other methods of treatment, we have a few simple tricks to try. There are a variety of techniques, including a spray for long lasting in bed, to try alone or with your partner that can prolong intercourse and delay ejaculation. With these seven simple but effective tips, we'll explain how to last longer in bed and become more confident when it comes time to hit the sheets. Not only will these techniques help improve your performance – they'll also increase satisfaction both for you and your partner!

How to Last Longer?

There is nothing worse than feeling like you’ve underperformed in the bedroom. Whether your partner is disappointed, or you are simply embarrassed at not being able to last as long as you would like, there are ways to make sure that sex lasts longer and is more enjoyable for both parties. From condoms to toys and a spray for long lasting in bed, there are a variety of options you and your partner can try. Here are seven tips for lasting longer in bed that you can use the next time you're ready for sexy time.
  1. Use a Condom – Not only does using a condom protect from STIs, but it can also help prevent premature ejaculation by reducing sensitivity. It is important to note that this will also reduce sensation for both of you, so be sure to keep communication open if either of you feels that things aren’t quite right. However, condoms are not meant to reduce pleasure for either party, so use them as much as you like!
  2. Foreplay – Foreplay can help increase anticipation and arousal and help you last longer during intercourse. In addition, if your partner enjoys foreplay as much (or even more) than intercourse, this can help level out the playing field so that neither one of you is left feeling unsatisfied or disappointed at the end of the night. Implementing a “pregame ritual” with foreplay and other sensual activities will help you both enjoy sex more and look forward to it every time.
  3. Masturbate Beforehand – Masturbating before sex helps reduce sensitivity and allows for more control over ejaculation during intercourse. Additionally, it has been said that after ejaculating, you can enter a “refractory period”. This is where you need some time before you can become aroused again and maintain an erection. Using masturbation beforehand can help extend this period so that sex lasts longer overall. Doing this alone or with your partner can increase the sexual experience and be incorporated as part of the pregame ritual.
  4. Take it Slow – Going too fast leads to finishing faster! The adage says, “nice guys finish last.” This should be true of your sexual relations. Take things slow and try out different positions to make sure both partners are enjoying themselves without worrying about finishing too soon. Trying out new positions is a form of distraction for your body and mind. It can be harder to orgasm in a position you have never used. So, switch it up and have fun finding new positions that excite you and your partner.
  5. Use Toys – This tip isn’t just meant for women. Men can benefit from toys too! Using toys such as cock rings or vibrators prolongs sex while making it even more enjoyable for both partners involved. A cock ring can extend the amount of time it takes to orgasm by preventing the testees from raising into position for ejaculation. This, in turn, makes you last longer and can be combined with other toys for maximum pleasure for both of you.
  6. Pause-Squeeze Technique – The pause-squeeze technique is a natural way to prevent premature ejaculation by squeezing around the base of your penis when you feel like you are getting close to finishing too soon. This will reduce sensation temporarily while allowing your arousal levels to decrease enough that you can start up again with no worries about finishing early again anytime soon! A similar technique is called “edging”. A man will slow down and (sometimes) pull out just before he is ready to climax. This can take time to learn and control, but the benefits for you and your partner will be climactic.
  7. Delay Spray – Delay sprays are sprays specifically designed to reduce sensitivity on the penis and thereby help you last longer in bed without any need for awkward pauses or squeezing techniques mentioned above. This method helps keep things going so that both partners remain satisfied throughout their experience together without any worries about premature ejaculation ruining the night's fun! There are various types of delay sprays on the market, including #LubeLife Climax Control Delay Spray for long-lasting in bed. They are safe to use with little to no side effects.

Lasting longer in bed doesn't have to be an impossible task. With these seven tips, anyone should be able to achieve greater satisfaction during their sexual encounters with their partner. Whether it's using condoms or trying out toys or delay sprays, there are plenty of options available for those looking to improve their performance between the sheets and ensure that both partners remain satisfied. Try out some of these tips tonight and see how much better sex can be when it lasts just a little bit longer.

A Spray for Long Lasting in Bed? Yes!

There are so many ways to help you last longer in the bedroom. From natural techniques to using toys and condoms, you and your partner can have fun exploring all these options. As well as these tips, consider a delay spray. #LubeLife Climax Control Delay Spray has no side effects and works to help you last longer. This latex-free, water-based spray contains benzocaine to act as a numbing agent and help you control ejaculation. It is non-staining and dries quickly so you can get down to business faster. #LubeLife Climax Control Delay Spray for long lasting in bed will enhance your sense of pleasure and quality of foreplay. Ready to try it? Grab a bottle at today!

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