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Anytime is the Best Time to Masturbate

Long gone are the days when masturbation, and even the suggestion of masturbation, is hidden behind lock and key. Television shows, like the hilarious Canadian comedy Workin' Moms and cult-classic movies such as There's Something About Mary, try humorously to normalize the process of masturbation and spread the word that it is a natural human function for BOTH men and women. 

Don't listen to the movies from the 70s and 80s that claim masturbation will give you hairy palms or cause blindness. Masturbating is healthy and can help you with everyday maladies, relieve stress, and even remedy tension headaches. Most people don't use the results of their actions for hair gel (like Ben Stiller), but they are starting to get the idea that it's okay to masturbate, and even to talk about it, with someone you are close to. 

What do we really need to know when it comes to the freedom of masturbation?

The Timing Of Masturbation

The timing of sex is important, and it's the same with masturbation. Of course, it's great and spontaneous to do either on a whim, but sometimes having a schedule benefits you in ways that you may never think of. It all depends on the purpose behind your actions and whether you are a morning person or a night person.

In There's Something About Mary, the main character learns to masturbate before a date to release tension and to get over his nervousness. It would have worked for him if it weren't for the distraction of Mary's hair problems. The message behind the humor is clear: masturbation is a positive thing and can occur anytime you need it, whether you need to relieve stress, get rid of a migraine, want to go to sleep, or need some energy.

The advantages of self-pleasure are numerous and are personal to the practitioner. Someone continuing to work at home may need to masturbate at a different time, for a different reason, and choose a different place than someone who goes to work out in society. Timing is personal and there is no specific time when masturbation is best. 

If you love the nightlife, and love to boogie, but have to wake up early, masturbate in the shower instead of drinking coffee (not like you would really drink coffee in the shower). You get an increase in energy either way, but coffee doesn't elicit that awesome adrenaline rush. At the same time, if you are trying to fall asleep at night, but anxiety is keeping you awake as you count the minutes and hours on the clock, masturbating can help you fall asleep.


Masturbating before a huge meeting or an evaluation can work wonders. Masturbating can inspire new ideas and expand your fantasies. You can imagine whatever you like. When you are alone, it's a very personal thing and not a performance. It's all about you. Just think of it: There is no one to see your O-face!

So every individual will want to masturbate at different times to alleviate different states of being, whether it's just horniness, depression, or in celebration. There are so many advantages of frequent masturbation to help you through your day.

Masturbating at Work

Honestly, and with no offense to your libido, masturbating can be quicker, quieter, and more discrete than partnered sex. A trip to the bathroom or a locked office door provides the privacy you will need to conduct your work, and you won't have to drive home (or somewhere else) to meet a partner and spend the time to light their fire with foreplay. Besides, having sex with a coworker usually isn't a good idea and can get you in trouble.

Stay out of trouble with private masturbation!

No matter where you spend your days, refocusing your attention on important subjects is easier after masturbating. A problem can arise if you don't have a safe place to spend your time. Can anyone see you, hear you, or walk in while you are jerking it? Finding the right place is key to achieving self-pleasure at work.

A person working at home during quarantine while also taking care of their children may find that their ability to self-pleasure is actually more difficult. If you are a parent, you can't even go to the bathroom by yourself. In fact, they can break through locks easily and might catch you hand-in-hand.

Behind Closed Doors

If you don't have an office at work, or a room that you can lock on occasion; find a clean place where you can fantasize freely. Try parking your car way back in the parking lot, away from all other cars, and 'eat your lunch' out there alone. Find out if your business offers individual bathrooms for families, other workers, or people with disabilities. Is there a special room reserved for breastfeeding women? As one character utilizes in Workin' Moms for her masturbatory pleasure!

Use your imagination and stay within the law. This means no movie theaters, playgrounds, schools, malls, or Wal-mart. You never know when a crazy kid is going to shoplift and try to outrun the mall cop, straight to your car. 

The point is to get to know yourself, your body, and how long it will take you to orgasm if that is your goal. Men and women experience pleasure differently and sometimes orgasms are not the goal. So, while you do you, understand that this practice for someone else may be a little different. 

Differences Between Orgasms

Men's and women's orgasms are so similar that it's hard to pinpoint differences without being stereotypical. There are biological benefits that women get that men do not, and vice versa, but they are the same in most other aspects. Pelvic muscle contractions and the feeling of orgasm are just about the same between the sexes.  

Now, while the orgasms are relatively the same, the path getting there can vary.

Men and women can masturbate with different intentions and reactions, and so their daily private time may seem incomparable. Women are sometimes turned on by things that men take for granted. Men tend to focus more on the end-game while women focus more on the process. Many women don't have to orgasm to gain the benefits they seek, while men may feel that it's an essential part of the act.

Women's masturbatory processes can have a psychological aspect that some men's sessions do not, while both men and women may gain a more prolonged boost in self-confidence and power. Both men and women fantasize, watch porn, and have a list of celebrities that they are attracted to and that they would like to spend naked time with. 

No matter what, the truth is that masturbation is healthy, and practicing your talent can help maintain your health over time. As long as you are private while masturbating, whether at home or near a public place, the benefits of masturbation can be yours. Your confidence, energy, and sense of power will rise and spread to other areas of your life, and you will soon notice the resulting positive changes accordingly.

Lubrication For Swift And Pleasurable Day

Lubrication is a great way to increase your pleasure and help make your daily sessions quicker, more powerful, and more discrete. Water-based lubricants will be easier to clean than silicone-based mixtures and won't leave noticeable stains on your clothing. Flavored lubricants may even make your office smell delectable and no one will know what is going on behind closed doors, or under the desk. 

#LubeLife has everything you need for discretionary masturbation anytime you feel the need. Don't be embarrassed about your sexuality. It's your time to explore your options and create adventures when there once was none. As long as you keep things private, quiet, and discreet, you can masturbate just about anytime and anywhere.

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