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Six Ways to Restart the Thrusters of Passion with Your Partner

Do you feel like your relationship with your partner does not have the same sparks it used to? You are not alone. Once a relationship gets into a rut, it is hard to get out. However, if you truly want to regain the passion you once had, it is absolutely possible. Like any good thing in life, it takes effort to restart the thrusters of passion with your partner. The results will be well worth the hard work! Relaunch your relationship with these six tips. 

1. Seduce with Surprises

A touch of mystery will do wonders for a relationship on the rocks. After all, there is something very seductive about a surprise. Find ways that you can surprise your partner with little displays of love. This can be as simple as bringing them breakfast in bed on a Saturday morning or as detailed as planning a weekend trip with all their favorite things. Remember, even if you cannot afford big surprises, little things go a long way in rekindling the romance you want with your partner. And when it does come time to do the nasty, make it tasty by surprising your partner with some flavored lube to make your special time even more delicious.

2. High On Adrenaline = High On Each Other 

Psychology hack: Did you know that the emotions your partner feels on date night they will probably associate with you? If they feel bored on a date, they might subconsciously think of you as an uninteresting person (or you may think of them that way). This is not necessarily anyone's fault but you may simply have to step up your date night game. After all, if it goes one way, it can most definitely go the other way.

To jumpstart your campaign to rekindle your passion for each other, consider taking your partner on a date that will give you both a burst of adrenaline:

  • Go to an amusement park and ride roller coasters together
  • Go bungee jumping
  • Go zip lining 

Get your adrenaline pumping side by side, and don't be surprised when you see the sparkle come back into your partner's eyes as they look at you. 

3. Quick Touch Up

Believe it or not, non-sexual touching plays a vital role in your sex life. When your day-to-day relationship is healthy and happy, it is far easier for your sex life to blossom. It is a win-win situation - just what everybody wants! So take some time to focus on how you touch your partner during the random moments of the day. It might be time for a little touch up:

  •  Rub your partner's back after a long day at work
  • Stroke their hair or face while you watch a movie together
  • Hold hands while taking a walk

Oh, and don't forget the forehead kisses (even if you are the shorter partner)! If your partner enjoys PDA, then go all out, but maybe don’t lick the side of their face (in public). These little touch-ups go a long way when you make it to the bedroom.

4. Get Sweaty Before You Get Sweaty

Things are about to get pretty hardcore. Are you ready? Exercise not only strengthens your body and makes you look good, but it also releases endorphins - or in other words, "feel good" hormones. So doing a quick, intense workout actually puts you in the mood for, ahem, a different kind of workout. Exercising together also creates a sense of teamwork. Besides, what could be sexier for you and your partner than watching each other flex your muscles? This is one trick that is sure to boost both your mood and your confidence, which will have incredible results in your love life. So next time you are planning to have some fun, hit the gym before you hit the sheets. Just remember, sweat doesn't make a great lubricant, so make sure you are stocked up.

5. Create Your Own Fantasy

Life is what you make it. And if you and your partner are falling out of love, maybe it is time to change things up a little bit. Allow yourselves to let your hair down and let your sexual fantasies loose. If you or your partner are frustrated with how your relationship is going right now, it is okay to take some time to step into an imaginary relationship with them. It is time to pull out those acting skills from your high school theater program! 

Roleplay is a wonderful way to help you and your partner see each other in a new light. Consider going all out with props, outfits, etc. Explore what your partner really wants and then make those dreams a reality. Living a fantasy for a bit can create a very real new love between you. Maybe even reenact Romeo and Juliet, but skip the poison, and go straight to the kiss.  


6. New Scene, New Sex

It is time to go out of your comfort zones and go on a few sexy adventures. Nothing will bring back a sense of excitement and passion like finding a new place to go down on each other. The riskier the location, the more exciting it will be:

  • Pretend you are starry-eyed college students all over again and hide out in the backseat of your car
  •  Pitch a (non-transparent) tent on the beach, and when the moment is right, zip the door shut and go at it

Getting steamy in a new location is a great way to restart your thrusters. Just slip this lubricant variety pack into your backpack so that wherever you end up, you will be prepared! 

Remember, passion is about the journey, not about the destination. So take your time and enjoy the little moments - the caresses, the forehead kisses, the sparkle in your partner's eye after a surprise date night. You will be shocked at how quickly your sex life catches up. You will be screaming in the bedroom again in no time. Or maybe you won't even quite make it to the bedroom, and that is more than okay (if not, recommended). As always, make sure you are stocked up on #LubeLife products so you will be ready wherever the journey takes you!

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