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Spice Up that Fall Sex Life

Halloween is no longer a spooky holiday where kids dress up in various chalky, green shades to look like Frankenstein and terrorize their neighbors. It's also not about roaming around the suburbs or apartment complex lanes to collect as much sugar-laden candy as humanly possible with a pack of friends. While Halloween is an exciting holiday that plays with identities and alter-egos, it's also one of the sexiest days of the year. 

Historically, Halloween has a reputation for being a loving holiday, believe it or not. The old inhabitants of this country were grateful to have survived another year, done their work in the fields, and now incorporated a ton of the best traditions from older societies.

Outdoor Playtime

As adults, it's important to revisit Halloween and tap into that sense of innocent fun. In the fall, there's plenty of outdoor activities that involve playing around in nature and provide an ample opportunity to hit on your crush. It's important to use the great outdoors to your advantage. Apple orchards or vineyards set the stage for invigorating sexual experiences

While exploring the forest with a love interest or friends looks cute on Instagram, adults can easily have more fun by turning this festivity into a naughty escapade. The sex will feel natural because people have a long history of toiling the land and the apples the connection seems rustic and real. When people bang in these locations, it's special, feels safe, and still gives people an adrenaline rush.

How to Get Busy in the Autumn Fields

It's romantic to pretend to be old colonists or farmers and get it on together in the fields. On a warm fall day, the sight of the blue sky, golden leaves on the tree, and the husks of corn will create the perfect wholesome cover for a secret encounter. 

It's a beautiful moment, to see them in ecstasy in the middle of quaint outdoor spaces. If you love adventure and the warmth of someone else, give this a shot. They will always look beautiful, festive, and lovely against the fall foliage and softer fall light. It's definitely a worthwhile experience to remember. So, here's how to pull it off. 


Try outdoor sex elsewhere.  A lot of people like the thrill of maybe being caught shacking up with their partner. There's something about people where we don't want to get caught, but it gets our adrenaline pumping. It makes us feel free, young, and happy.  

While outdoor sex might not be your style, one of the best early dates you can go on is apple-picking. If you bring a jacket, blanket, and picnic, then sometimes a post-picking-quickie will come about! Throw a bottle of lube in your picnic basket for that spur-of-the-moment sex.  For people who aren't truly exhibitionists but want to explore this part of their sexuality, then a quiet secluded part of nature is ideal. Although don’t get too close to the public walking path, wouldn’t want to scare away the locals!

Giving Car and Crazy Sex a Spin 

If you're not too pleased with the idea of sneaking away in the fields, and your date would never buy it, there's always a ton of surprises for similar erotic experiences. Fall is all about being outdoors, it's paramount to the season and many activities involve time in nature.

  • If you have a vehicle, then you can put down a blanket and shack up in the comfort of a climate-controlled space
  • You can mix it up here by planning a quick bang in the car while on the way to meet other friends.

The key here is to simply be active and adventurous, which will get both you and your partner in the mood and allow you to appreciate the season even more so. Maybe find a drive-in movie theatre and some weighted blankets, park in a secluded portion of the parking lot and wait for the movie to enthrall each other. Enjoy the crispness in the air and warmth in your partner’s arms. Allow yourself to be free and adventurous just like the changing of the seasons.

Entice yourself with the fervor of Halloween spirit! Get dressed up in your favorite costume, go out to a party to get the night started and then make your way home for some fabulous role-play. Maybe you and your partner are characters from The Walking Dead, and after you slay some zombies, you slay each other in bed. Or better yet, Lara Croft and Indiana Jones as a tag team against world destruction, come home from tireless adventure to the sweet bliss found in between the sheets. Whatever your flavor for this seasonal holiday, make sure to make it sexy and memorable.

Share Fall Fantasies 

Whether it's sex on a bed of leaves or car sex in a secretive location, fall provides ample opportunity to try new things with your partner. Halloween itself is also a time of openness and costumes. Allow the festivities to sweep you up and fill your heart with adventure. There is no better time to break the ice with your partner and encourage them to try new things in or outside the bedroom. When people ask you to pick between trick or treat, go for the treat with your partner this year. Bring along some #LubeLife to add some grease to your gears in the midst of all the commotion!

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