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Sweet Anticipation: Why Oral Sex Is Better With Flavored Lube [INFOGRAPHIC]

Once you've developed a taste for oral sex, it's only natural to crave more of it. Unfortunately, if you aren't on the receiving end, going down on your partner can also feel a little one sided. How do you keep things tongue-tinglingly fun? Simple: Try adding some flavored lube to your oral sex adventures.

Why Flavored Lube?

  • Enhance the experience for both the giver and recipient.
  • Reduce oral fatigue, jaw soreness, dry mouth, and other annoyances.
  • Keep things smooth and slippery for extended sessions.
  • Enhance the experience by exploring new textures and flavors.

Palate-Prepping Pro Tips

For the best results from your sexual banquet, it pays to do a little prep work before the festivities begin. These tips will help you keep your delectable oral experience fun, safe, and free of stress.

  • Keep It Clean: You wouldn't eat a gourmet meal off of dirty plates, would you? Spend a few moments washing up whatever naughty bits will be on the evening's tasting menu. This allows you to keep unwanted flavor combinations to a minimum.
  • Set The Table: Not surprisingly, lube has a well-deserved reputation for getting absolutely everywhere. (At least, if you're using it right!) Flavored lubes can also leave your sheets and pillows smelling quite strongly, so consider putting down a large towel before getting started.
  • Second Helpings: Unlike traditional sweets, flavored lubes are a calorie-free treat that never fills you up. Use as much as you like … your taste buds will thank you!
  • Clean Plate Club: When you're both sexually sated from your sensual feast, it's a good idea give everything a quick clean up. This greatly reduces the odds of unwanted issues like itching, sticky skin, and UTIs.

Salivatingly Safe Sex

As with any bedroom-ready recipe, it's important to have the right ingredients for your delicious oral experience. Follow these tips for a safe, fun, and mouth-wateringly tasty time.

  • Avoid Oil-Based Lubes: When you're going down, tasty and slick beats gross and goopy every time. Oil-based lubes have a greasy texture, a weird smell, and a bitterly chemical aftertaste, not to mention being bad news for both plastic sex toys and latex-based condoms. Worse yet, these lubes can trap infection-causing bacteria in the vagina. Stick to the nectary goodness of water-based flavored lubes.
  • Naturally Sweet: Stay clear of flavored lubes with added sugars, as these can irritate sensitive vaginal tissues, increasing the odds of a UTI or other infection. Stick to flavored lubes that use high-quality ingredients with no added sugars.
  • Preservative-Free Fun: Fresh is best! Some lubes rely on preservatives called parabens for a longer shelf life, but these anti-bacterial and anti-fungal chemicals can cause real problems for the microbiome of the vagina.

Tempting Taste Test

What flavors work best for your sexual tasting menu? While there are countless options available for every sexual appetite, we recommend starting with one of these classic flavors.

  • Sweet Treats: If you have a sexual sweet tooth, or just want a lollipop that REALLY enjoys being licked, try a candy-flavored lube. We recommend starting with #LubeLife's Cotton Candy.
  • Fresh & Fruity: The juicy, sweet, and refreshing flavor of fresh fruit is a perfect fit for any sexual tasting menu. We recommend starting with #Lubelife's Watermelon or Strawberry flavors.
  • Creamy Goodness: Who doesn't love the satisfyingly rich, succulently sweet taste of ice cream? With ice-cream flavored lubes, you can lick all you like … and no brain freeze! We recommend #Lubelife's Mint Chocolate Chip.

    Menu Ideas Pour Monsieur

    • Appetizer: Flavored lubes encourage a slower, more intense start to oral-focused foreplay. Apply a thin drizzle to the head and shaft, and then use your tongue and fingers to playfully apply the liquid over every inch. 
    • Main Course: Delivering a great blowjob shouldn't feel like an endurance test. Flavored lube allows you to avoid mood-killing side effects like dry mouth, chapped lips, and an aching jaw by allowing you to easily transition between using your mouth and your hands. It's the perfect solution for keeping his penis slick, supple, and tasty.
    • Dessert: Using flavored lube on your man opens up a variety of exciting options that might not normally be on the table. Why not use this opportunity to tease his back door a little? It's a great way to try out a little prostate play.

    Menu Ideas Pour Madame

    • Appetizer: Is there anything sexier than taking your time, holding off on the main course while turning her body into an agonizingly arousing selection of hors d'oeuvres? Flavored lubes can turn any part of her body into a tantalizing target for your tongue, lips, and fingers. Not sure where to start? Try a few drops on her nipples, the small of her back, or her inner thighs.
    • Main Course: It's much easier for a woman to have mind-blowing orgasms from oral sex when there's no pressure for her to reach climax quickly. Flavored lubes make this easy, allowing her to enjoy every sensuous swirl knowing that her partner loves the tastes, and won't be dealing with dry mouth.
    • Dessert: Almost every one of her favorite sexual activities can be enhanced by adding a little flavored lube. Water-based lubes play nice with most sex toys, allowing her to be teased to the brink in countless new and delicious ways.

    À La Carte Options

    • Finger Sandwiches: Tongue getting a little tired? Use your hands! With a liberal application of fresh lube to your fingers, you can keep the sensations building while giving your mouth and jaw a well-earned rest.
    • Marinated Olives: The penis isn't the only sensitive part of the male genitalia. Try coating his scrotum with a flavored lube, using your tongue and (gentle) pressure to increase his excitement.
    • Tossed Salad: Thinking of adding a little anal play to your oral explorations? Flavored lubes can dramatically reduce the obvious anxieties about aroma and taste. Rimming also comes with unique health risks, and even with a flavored lube it's essential to take hygiene and preparation concerns seriously.
    Sweet Anticipation: Why Oral Sex Is Better With Flavored Lube [INFOGRAPHIC]

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