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Taming Your Desires in the Bedroom

Submission and dominance are not always about BDSM. Sometimes the two concepts are a representation of the different personalities of lovers between the sheets. Naturally, some people enjoy doing the most in bed and dominating in terms of controlling the sex. In contrast, others enjoy submitting and just flowing with the rhythm of the leading partner.

You will be surprised to know that most loud personalities in the streets are often submissive in bed and vice versa. Most people who are bossy, tough, or the alpha male or female at work or in life, often love to lose this control in bed and enjoy submitting and being led by their partner. In most cases, you will find their partners are the exact opposite, that is, character-wise. They are often the quiet ones, shy or even timid, but they get ignited in the bedroom, where they enjoy the power of being the ones leading and doing the most during sex. Indeed, unlike poles attract.

You can agree that sometimes it gets boring to assume one role always. Sometimes you want to mix things up and enjoy a little wild and out-of-the-ordinary experience. This is where open communication comes in. You should be free to inform each other about your likes, where you love to be touched, and the pace you enjoy because the goal is to orgasm at the end of it all.

Besides communicating openly, here are several things you can incorporate to juice up the situation in the bedroom.

Reverse the Roles

Don't underestimate the mutual satisfaction that comes with allowing your needs to be your partners. Assuming the same role can be tedious, so reversing the roles sometimes can add passion and intrigue.

If you are often the one leading, you can let your partner start and control the sex. In a heterogeneous relationship, men often love dominating and switching the lady to different positions. However, if you are looking to make things a little kinky, you can let your woman tower over you. You can switch to a position, like the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, where she is in control. Sometimes you can also let her undress you, suck your dick and ride you hard as you just lay back and enjoy.

Utilize Change of Scenery

Who said you must always have sex in the bedroom? Try adding some spice to your sex by changing the scenery. The good thing is you don't always have to go outside the house if you don't want to. The kitchen table, living room floor, house balcony, basement, shower, or laundry room can always do.

This change of scenery will help create a new space for you and your partner to experiment and enjoy sex of whatever kind. Be careful to clear the countertops of household items, you don’t need that spray bottle cleaning the wrong window.  

Incorporate Bedroom Accessories

1.    Sex Toys

Sex toys are the most common and intriguing accessories you can incorporate during sex to give you an "out of this world" experience. There are various toys to choose from, including stimulation toys, insert toys, and anal toys. There are toys designed for women, for men and even for couples. Consult with your partner before buying a sex toy to ensure they are comfortable with it.

If you are going to buy toys, you will need some lube to help with the sliding. You can either use water-based lubricants or silicone-based lubricants, depending on the material of the sex toy. Water-based lubricants are often recommended since they go well with most types of toys.

2.    Scented Candles

Nothing spells out romance better than scented candles during sex. The sweet scent and flickering little flame will create an air of romance and make the sex more intriguing. Don’t forget to put it out of reach from the bedside; no one wants their outstretched leg to send a lit candle skyward.

3.    Sex Dust

What is sex dust? It is an edible formula created to ignite and excite your sexual energy in and out of the bedroom. You should consider trying it; you might fall in love with the feeling.

4.    Bed Cuffs

You should definitely try bed cuffs if you do not mind a light form of binding. They can be used in different positions to take the sex to the next level. There are tons of different styles.


Use Lubricants

The presence of lube during sex can never be over-emphasized. If you are not using a lubricant already, you are missing out on extra fun and excitement. Add some #LubeLife to your repertoire, and you’ll be gliding like a greased watermelon on a slip-n-slide. There are a variety of lubricants customized to intensify the pleasure of sex:

1.    Water-based Lubricants

These types of lubricants are silky smooth and easy to wipe. They are made with natural ingredients to complement the body's natural lubrication. A bonus tip is that they come in flavors: Watermelon, mint chocolate chip, and strawberry. They are perfect for oral, anal, or vaginal sex and are used with sex toys.

2.    Silicone-based Lubricants

The silicone lubricants are often thick and sticky. They are designed to last longer and enhance the comfort of intimacy. Their thick consistency makes them perfect for anal sex.

#LubeLife to the Rescue

#LubeLife manufactures top-notch lubes to offer a steady way to ease the oiling. The goal is to ensure that you and your partner have amazing sex and dryness is not getting in your way. For more ideas on intimacy and relationships, #LubeLife is the place to look. 

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