Ten Long-Distance Sex Tips

Ten Long-Distance Sex Tips

When you are in a long-distance relationship, it can be lonely, especially when you are craving intimacy with your partner. You think constantly of each other and when you are finally together, the moment is fleeting. While shopping for naughty gifts and ideas, pick up a bottle of delay spray. Climax Control Delay Spray helps you regain control below the belt. It comes on smooth, dries fast, and helps you not climax so quickly.

Until that moment comes, there are a few other ideas you can try to keep the flame burning while apart.

Sex Tips for Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can be tough but that doesn't mean they're impossible. With a few creative tips, you can keep the fire burning and make sure your love stays alive. Whether it's sending sexy texts or getting intimate with long distance toys, these ten tips are sure to keep your love life exciting.

1.  Send a Vibrator to Your Partner

Distance can make it hard for couples to share intimate moments. Technology has advanced so much, you can now remotely control your toys from another city, using only an app on your phone! So, send a sex toy to your lover so you can have fun together from afar! They'll appreciate the gesture and the excitement that comes with trying something new. This isn’t just something for your partner to enjoy solo – you can enjoy the next time you are together, too. What a perfect way to keep the passion alive!

2.  Sexting

An intimate text message can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Take it one step further by sending a sensual or sexy message. A sexy text midday can be an exciting surprise and you can send it from anywhere – home, work, or the car before you head out. A sexy text message is a great way to keep the flames burning and the intimacy alive.

3.  Phone Sex

A naughty phone call before bed or in the middle of the day is a great way to heat things up. You can talk about anything from intimate fantasies to the naughty things you want to do with each other. A steamy phone call and some self-play together is a great way to keep the fires burning.

4.  Masturbation

It can be lonely being away from your partner for long periods of time. While masturbation can be a satisfying way to release built up stress and hormones, it can be boring alone. Why not involve your partner? Try a naughty video chat to spice it up a bit.

5.  Utilize Video Calls

Video chat is an essential part of long-distance relationships, but it doesn't have to be boring. You and your partner can switch things up by experiencing new ways to keep the passion alive. Why not have a sensual strip tease or try a new position in front of the camera? This is a great time to try out the new toys you have received!

6.  Erotica

Reading or writing sensual stories for your partner is a great way to share in all the things you want to do together. It can be a very inspiring way to keep the passion alive. You can even get creative and write about an experience, the way you felt, and what you hope to experience in the future. Or you can create a complete fantasy scenario that is spicy and passionate. Send these stories to each other via email, or snail mail, or read them aloud over video chat or phone calls.

7.  Make a Sexy Bucket List

Do some thinking and make a sexy bucket list of all the things you want to do with and to each other. Make a list of all the things you want to try, experience, and accomplish together – in life and in the bedroom. Whether it’s something as small as holding hands or something as big as sex on the beach during an overseas vacation, just keep the to-do list going.

8.  Watch Porn Together

Even when you are miles apart, today’s technology allows for streaming videos to multiple homes at once. So, take a relaxing night in and watch a sexy movie together. Chat over the phone, messenger app, or video chat. It’s perfect for keeping up the passion and the mood. The plot doesn’t have to be romantic, but it should have some steamy scenes to get you both in the mood.

9.  Send a Private Clone to Your Partner

The ultimate way of sending your love and affection is with a clone of your genitals. There are several different companies that make kits that are safe to use on your most sensitive parts. Send this clone to your partner to enjoy in your absence. It can also be useful during foreplay upon your reunion.

10.  Delay Spray for Long Lasting in Bed

When you see each other again after a hot minute, it can be hard to keep your hands off of each other, but equally difficult to prolong your first sexual foray when you reunite. Pick up a bottle of spray for long lasting in bed. #LubeLife has just the product for you to keep your horses at bay. Our Climax Control Spray is specially formulated to keep you from finishing too soon so you can satisfy your partner longer and enjoy every minute that you have together. Read this blog post to learn last longer in bed.

Long distance relationships can be difficult, but they don't have to be lonely or dull. By incorporating these sexy tips, you'll bring back the excitement and passion to your relationship, while waiting to reunite. When you are shopping for the perfect naughty gifts, pick up a bottle of delay spray for long-lasting in bed, so you and your partner can take your time when you see each other again. In the meantime, why not try one or more of these and see how you can add more excitement to your long-distance relationship?

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