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The Best Day and Time of the Week to Have Sex

By #LubeLife Team   |   July 1, 2020     

As the world gets back to normal and the grind of everyday life takes over, many important things will, unfortunately, get put on the back burner. For couples and those not interested in being tied down, finding time to have sex can be very tricky.  Especially for those who are passing strangers in the night, what if I told you that there is a proven day of the week where sex is the best. 

Luckily for you, I've done the research and found that day.  

What’s The Best Time For Sex? 

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If you only have time to have sex once per week, make it happen on a Thursday. Not normally seen as an eventful day of the week, a study conducted by the London School of Economics found that Thursday is the best day of the week to get busy. Why is that you ask? It has to do with cortisol levels. Cortisol plays a hand in several functions of the body including metabolic response. Cortisol is also responsible for ignition and stimulation of sexual hormones. For reasons unknown, the body’s natural cortisol levels are highest on Thursdays. 

This basically means that you’ll be more inclined to have and enjoy sex. 

How the body knows that it’s Thursday is beyond me. 

Now that you have a day in mind, what about the time?  

While most people don’t like having sex until the late evening, that is actually the worst time to engage in the devil’s tango. As the day goes by, your body’s natural sex hormones drop. 

With that knowledge, it should be no surprise that having sex as soon as you wake up or within the first two hours, is the best time. When you’re asleep, your body works to recuperate and rebuild. As you wake up, your body hits the reset button meaning that your levels are at their peak.  

Think of your body like a computer that is fully charged. Once you remove the power cable, you’ll still be able to use the computer but gradually, the available battery life diminishes.  You’ll still be able to watch YouTube videos but have to monitor your battery to make sure that your screen doesn’t randomly shut off.  

Keeping Your Distance Means Get Ready For A Lot Of Phone Sex

Making the Most of Your Moment 

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With science working in your favor, it’s time to take action. Approaching sex with confidence and a purpose will take you from pretender to an all out expert. 

Besides showing your partner this article, get them excited about Thursday morning by providing a sneak preview of what’s to come on Wednesday. Do something to get their sex juices flowing. 

Even something as simple as a sexy text message can leave your partner extra inspired to leave work and rush home. 

As much as society likes to make it seem that men are the only ones interested in sex, studies show that women think about sex an average of  18.6 times per day or every 51 minutes. In contrast, men think about sex every half hour. 

If you feel really insecure, try creating an alter ego that you can tap into. We all wear different hats depending on the situation. The bedroom should be no different. You don’t have to become Angelina Jolie in “Tomb Raider” or Alexander Skarsgard in “The Legend of Tarzan” to get your point across. There is truth to faking it until you make it.  

If you need a little more assurance, there are several sex-related books that can help iron out any doubts. From books about  exploring your sexuality to identifying and understanding  erotica,  you will be able to learn tips and tricks to make your sexual exploits a 10 out of 10.  

Go For A Test Drive

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So there you have it, the best day and time to have sex during the week on Thursday in the morning. Obviously time is a variable factor. If you wake up in the afternoon every day, then you wouldn’t be able to have sex in the morning.  

Scheduling sex may seem odd at first but if science is right, the rewards will be fruitful.  

And if you’re looking to make sex that much sweeter, try out some  #LubeLife. With three delicious  water-based flavored lubes at your disposal, you’ll never miss the mark ever again. 

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