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The Do’s and Don’ts of Sexting

For many people, sexting is an excellent way to communicate your wants and needs to your partner when they are not around, or when you want to surprise them. Sending and receiving sexts is exciting, almost like a small gift when done right. On the other hand, without careful thought, planning, and intimate knowledge of your partner's day, they could end up a hindrance in your relationship and in your general life. 

The trick is to know how to act at the right time, in the most exciting and personal way. Without ruining anyone's reputation or accidentally sending compromised pictures to your boss instead.

Not Your Grandma's Glamour Shots!

From the early 1980s to the early 2000s, housewives everywhere jumped at the chance to be the subject of glamorous and sexy photo shoots for their partners. Perhaps they would wear an ensemble that bared a naked shoulder while they smiled, coyly, at the camera. If they felt a little more risqué, an image with a low-cut top and a push-up bra while reclining in a hayloft may have been enough to titillate a husband or two.

The problem here is that other people will see these pictures. You may have an audience of a photographer, hair and makeup person, and some sort of assistant, all staring at you trying to be sexy in a serious way. This can be quite intimidating when you aren't one of Victoria's little secrets. You will then have to sit with someone and view the images to choose your favorite ones.

All kidding aside, you can still get amazing, sexually appealing images professionally taken for your partner, but now you can go even further, and even more risqué, with sexting. Sexting combines very appealing sexual images with words that convey your intentions: what you want to do, how you feel, and how you want to feel. 

Why Is Sexting Exciting?

Sexting is almost like a promise. With the images, you are saying: This is what is waiting for you! When you add words to the images on what you would like your partner to do to you, or what you want to do to them, you appeal to several senses at once, driving your partner wild and increasing the apprehension they will feel until they see you again.

Did you know that sex can be a person's love language? Some of you may have a partner who feels most loved during sex or sexual activity. A surprise sext may show them the love that they can't understand any other way. Sexting can help keep a long-distance relationship stronger, and hotter. Sexting has the possibility to push a married couple of 20 years back into the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

Sexting can really help people who may be a little conservative when it comes to communicating about sex because what they want to say may come easier via text than by saying your fantasies out loud. You just have to follow a few simple, but important, rules:

What Are The Rules?

While some rules were made to be broken, like, for example, when a religion suggests missionary as the only appropriate position, these specific rules were made to protect you, sometimes from yourself.

  1. Trust the person you are sending the texts to. The cropping tool on your camera will work well for hiding any identifying features if that is the case. 
  2. Come to an agreement beforehand on how long the images will remain on the phone. You don't want to be showing off vacation pictures to friends and then accidentally swipe one image too far... You need to keep some things private.
  3. Only do what you feel comfortable doing. There is always sexy underwear and lingerie if full nudity is too much. 
  4. Quadruple check who you are sending the images to!

As long as you can trust that this person will not show the images around to their friends, or use the images for revenge-porn, have a great time, be creative, love yourself, and show it off. 

How Would Someone Amp Up The Sexy In A Sext?

There are so many things you can do to be creative in a direct message or a text to your partner. If you are one of the shy ones, you can use costumes and props to convey a fantasy. For example, if you are a naughty person who wants to be punished, a paddle would be a great prop.

Before you take an image, it may be a great idea to plan ahead. If you usually have sex in your bed, then take erotic images in the bathtub, or some other place, rather than the usual. Just stay out of the public arena!

You know your partner the best. They may not tell everyone else how much they love it when you dress like Deadpool during foreplay, but you know. And that's what's important.

Using Lube To Highlight Your Message

Lubrication always makes sex better, a lot better, even when it isn't medically necessary. It's an excellent addition to your toy box and your partner will appreciate both the thought and the fact that it is within arm's reach at any time. 

You can also use it to send a message. For example, lubrication is always a great idea when it comes to anal sex, that's just a given. Including a bottle of lube, or the use of the lube you have chosen for this particular job, will send a message to your partner: This is what I want (and I want it now, baby!)

If you are writing in your texts, describe how the lubrication feels or tastes. Explain how it feels to put it on. If you are using flavored lube, explain it so that their mouth waters until they see you again.

Also, you can, literally, use lube as a highlight in your images, just as one would use a makeup-highlighter on their face. A highlighter, when used cosmetically, is swept over the curves of your face, such as your nose or cheekbones so that they shine. You can highlight the natural curves of your body, anywhere with lubrication to emphasize what you want to emphasize. The lighting and the flash of the camera will do most of the work. 

Your options for adventure are absolutely endless, especially with #LubeLife at your back. Winter is cumming, so use your time at home to ease any friction and keep your sex life wet and wild, as it always should be.  

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