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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Sex enhances the emotional connection and commitment between partners. When you both do it right, you maintain healthy levels of love, belongingness, and intimacy, which are natural desires by all humans.  

However, most people fall in love and commit to a relationship for various reasons; sexual compatibility is often not a top priority. So, it's not strange to love someone who isn't an excellent erotic match. Also, you may lose some sexual interest in a partner you once found sexually attractive; this happens since, too often, our bodies and lives change with time. 

Sexual Satisfaction

While the emotional and spiritual bond is necessary for every relationship, it's not enough. It's natural to desire and crave additional sexual satisfaction and connectedness. Often, people measure sexual satisfaction by the number of times they engage in sex. Unfortunately, you will need more than having lots of sex with your partner to feel satisfied. Sexual satisfaction revolves around your sexual desires, fantasies, sexual communion, and, of course, fulfilling your partner's sexual needs. 

Sharing Sexual Desires With Your Better Half 

Discussing your sexual desires can sometimes be scary, but it's key to growing together sexually and maintaining the spark over the long haul. 

Remember, sex is an art, and to get the best out of it, you must be experimental, try different things and explore unknown edges. 

For effective sexual communication and to eliminate anxiety, make it a regular practice to share your sexual desires without shame or judgment. Keep in mind that if your partner suggests a particular act, you aren't obliged to do it. 

 You can choose to say maybe or no. But wouldn't it be great to discuss your sexual ideals without judgment or shame, then agree on what desires you would love to fulfill together?  

Tips for Expressing Desires, Love, and Fears

  •       Be present and listen actively as your partner expresses their sexual fantasies.
  •       Honesty is vital when communicating; it creates trust, and trust builds love. 
  •       Don't drop a bombshell in the initial stages of your communication. First, build trust and create a safe space where you both share without judgment. 
  •       Avoid disagreements and fights during the process; take a deep breathe when you get triggered. 
  •       Conclude the exercise with a loving and honest conversation about what you would wish to explore. Also, mention your boundaries, if any. 

Sexual Adventure

It's so fulfilling to finally find something that works for you and your partner- one that leads you to a thrilling orgasm. Although typical routine sex offers immediate satisfaction and a good night's rest, you can spice it up with some sexual adventure. 

Adventure doesn't involve breaking your bones or hanging from the chandelier. All it takes is trying out something different and better than your regular sexual performance. You can make small changes to what you do or try something brand new. 

  •       Stick to your usual position but in a different location; use a pillow to adjust the angle or change the lighting. If you haven't had sex on your carpet in the living room, this is the time to do it. 
  •       Try new positions- the golden rule is to give every position two tries or more. You might feel awkward at first but enjoy it after several attempts.
  •       Go on vacation; it's a perfect time to talk about sex and try new sexual positions and activities.
  •       Play adult sex games- you will add newness to your foreplay and sex. From sexy board games to dirty spins, find something that can lead to electrifying sex.
  •       Try natural outdoor sex, but don't get caught. Sex in the woods, under the stars, or in the water gives exciting and fun pleasure. 
  •       Use lubricants for anal sex; try the water-based anal lubricant or silicone-based anal lubricant and pick what works for you. 
  •       Touch slowly with your hair or mouth. 
  •       Adjust your speed. You can either try to release sooner than usual or slow down until you can't hold it in anymore. 

What Are the Benefits of Sexual Adventure? 

 Enhances Sexual Pleasure 

Trying something different can boost your sexual satisfaction. It's surprising how a slight change in position or location can stimulate your senses in unique ways. For example, your partner's thrusting at a different angle might cause more stimulation leading to toe-curling sex. 

Refreshed physical sensations like touch, using flavored lubricants and scents ensure that you remain focused and sexually present. 

And like mentioned above, sex is an art; you must experiment to know what works for you and your partner. 

Builds Intimacy 

You and your partner can build intimacy in the process of figuring out and exploring your sexual desires.

For instance, as you discuss which sexy game to purchase or which position to try, you will learn and understand each other's tastes, desires, and preferences. 

Note that the purpose of sexual adventure is to achieve sexual satisfaction. Sharing a common goal can draw you and your partner closer. You create oneness as you plan your sexual activities, share the anticipation and during the actual act. 

Worrying about whether or not you will do it right is also part of the connection and fun. You work together to ensure everything flows smoothly. But if the doggy style went wrong, you will look back and laugh about it. 

It Fosters Flexibility 

Seasons in life like pregnancy, menopause, and illness can present new challenges to your sex life. For instance, your partner may struggle with an erection as he grows older or due to stress. 

When faced with these challenges, your usual routine may not work anymore. At this point, you might need to do something out of the ordinary to accommodate the changes.  

Practicing sexual adventure when your relationship is still young can help you adjust and remain sexually active in the late years. So, if your partner takes longer to get wet, keep a lubricant closer. And if she has to go all the way down, a cotton candy-flavored lubricant will work the magic. 


Some activities in life are better on repeat, but your sexcapades are not one of them. You need to share your desires and introduce something fresh into your sex life for a more stimulating experience and sexual satisfaction. While at it, use #LubeLife products for all your lubrication needs.

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