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Things This Quarantine Has Made Us Realize

By #LubeLife Team   |   May 7, 2020     

Why does it always seem to go that we don’t know what we have until it’s gone? Coronavirus has taken over the entire world, making ordinary life a thing of the past. With orders to stay home, each and every single day feels like one long never-ending chapter. And with no signs of slowing down, it could be months until the daily lives that were so rudely ripped away from us make a comeback. 

Unfortunately, it took a virus for many of us to realize that there were several things in life we took for granted. Below are some of them. 

Sports Make The World Go Round   

Taking up a large portion of the lives of many, the cancelation of all sporting events has made us realize how important they are. As soon as the NBA season was canceled indefinitely, it only added another major strike in an already hard year for basketball. As other sports, like tennis canceled major events like the French Open and Wimbledon, it became clear that COVID-19 was a major threat.   

Even for those who are not fans of the NFL found it incredibly disheartening to watch this year’s draft. With the prospects at home not being able to celebrate with all of their loved ones, it was both a momentous and sad occasion. 

Sports are the best source of live entertainment you could ever expect to find. Without a script, attending a live sporting event and watching two opposing teams (or individuals) put it all on the line is an incredibly inspiring situation.   

Time With Friends And Family Is Much Needed  

Although this may not apply to everyone, being stuck at home has made many of us realize that spending time with friends and family should not be taken for granted. With months at home, many of us have had birthdays in isolation. And while phone calls and video chat are available, the physical presence of someone is much better than just seeing them. 

Because of social distancing, unless someone lives with you, it is discouraged to have others in your house or apartment. Even though following the rules will help to flatten the curve, it does not make it any easier to stay away from loved ones.  


Dear Travel, We Miss You  

This one may trigger a few people but it had to be said. With the spread of the virus posing a constant threat, unnecessary travel has been highly discouraged. For those of us who had trips abroad, every cancelation feels like a knife to the heart. There is something liberating and fun about packing your bags, heading to the airport, and landing in a completely new area that you’re not used to.  

Travel bans make it even harder for people that have relatives that live far away from them. Not being able to book a ticket in advance means that you could spend more money than usual. With differing reports out there concerning the length of the quarantine and travel bans, booking in advance doesn’t seem to be a viable option.   

Checkout The New Normal Rules “Safety Rules For The Quarantine

There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Free Time

Because many of us are stuck at home all day, it means that we have more time to watch Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. Before quarantine, having time to watch shows on any of those platforms was more of a treat that you earned. After another stressful day at work, you could turn on your television or pop open your computer and relax for a few hours. With these platforms readily available, many of us are using them to fill up the empty silences in our homes and apartments. 

And while it may have seemed like a great opportunity to catch up on a show that you gave up on seasons ago, once you’ve watched everything that you’re interested in, it becomes easy to spend hours scrolling through menus and different categories.  


Human Touch Is Necessary   

Because the Coronavirus spreads as a result of close human interaction, we’ve been ordered to wear masks in public and stay at least 6 feet away from others. While that method works at the grocery store, for the millions of people who live with significant others, there is a risk associated with staying in such close proximity to someone else. That risk increases if your significant other is considered to be an “essential worker” and leaves the home every single day. It should be noted that someone who does not exhibit any symptoms can carry the Coronavirus and unknowingly pass it along to others.  

Long gone are the days when you could use some #LubeLife to get your partner in the mood. And for those who are not in a committed relationship, long gone are the days of experimenting without the fear that you could catch the Coronavirus. Every single interaction you make with someone has to be taken seriously. 

You can still have sex but just use extra caution when doing so. If your partner is at all sick, keep your distance. If you’re ready to take a gamble, #LubeLife Water Based Lubricant is a great place to start.  

Appreciate What You Have 

If being in quarantine has taught us anything, it’s to appreciate simple things like going to the grocery store without looking like you’re going to commit a crime. Although many of us are beginning to feel quarantine fatigue and want to go outside, it’s important to continue following rules in order to flatten the curve. If rules aren’t followed, we could be stuck at home until next year. 

Now that’s a scary thought.

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