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Top 5 Bingeable TV Shows To Put You In The Mood!

Quarantine has given many people permission to do something that they've always wanted to do: kick back, relax, and watch television without the nagging guilty feeling telling them they should be doing something more productive. Watching television can be productive, especially when there is a purpose, and limitless adventure always begins in the mind.

And getting yourself in the mood for love is a noble and healthy purpose. Whether you are on a home date with your partner(s), or just alone and in the mood, erotic entertainment can boost your drive, get you humming, and prepare you to try new things.

Streaming sexy television shows, either alone or with a special person(s), can get your juices flowing, increasing the excitement and joy of the sex you are about to have. In watching these shows, you can learn new positions, develop new and creative play situations, and even temporarily cure wanderlust. Many shows are perfect and available for your binging pleasure:

Carnival Row

Carnival Row may only have one season currently out to binge, but you will be apprehensively waiting and excited for the second season that is coming out very soon. If you loved Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and other fantasy adventures, this is the show for you. The sexual tension between Orlando Bloom's character, Philo, and Cara Delevingne's character, Vignette, is evident from the very beginning. 

This show is for fantasy lovers, set in a somewhat dystopian steampunk world during a time of intense war and social dysfunction. Fairies are real in this world. They are all sexually talented and strong. There are monsters, both human and mythical, creating havoc around several romantic relationships in their infancy, when the passion is high. 

The sex in Carnival Row is intense and emotional, perfect for a couple reigniting their connection. Of course, there are thousands, or perhaps millions, of you who will watch it alone because most of the cast is just plain gorgeous and the sex is bountiful. You do you: live your best life. 

Eating while watching isn't recommended, trust us, but red wine pairs well with the atmosphere of the show. 


Lucifer may be a show about one of the world's worst purported villains, but you can't help but fall for Tom Ellis's character in this show. Ellis's Lucifer is the ultimate bad boy, with a twist. He can change. He wants to change. And he wants to have a lot of sex while doing it. His sexual choices may be morally questionable, occasionally, but he commits his transgressions honestly, and usually without regret because he does not lie.  

The whole purpose for Lucifer to be on earth, after escaping hell, is to live his best life. He tries new things, he adventures, he mingles. Lucifer is the definition of limitless adventure. He owns the largest tubs of lube in the world. And he does this all while trying to help his partner solve crimes. But, in all honesty, he is just a big dork who does silly things. And it's enduring.

If you had a shot of whisky each time he hits on someone, you wouldn't last fifteen minutes. Lucifer loves hard alcohol and is seen drinking in every episode. Lucifer is an upbeat show that would work well with a drinking game. For example, you can guess who the 'bad guy' is in that episode. If you get it wrong, you have to take a drink every time Lucifer does, or every time he sings.

There are so many shows out there that emphasize a woman's sexuality above her intelligence. This time, Tom Ellis is put in that place, gladly. Lucifer is goofy, a little ditzy, and has the attention span of a squirrel, but, in the end, he's always a sure thing. His beautiful partner, Chloe, is always conservatively dressed, highly educated, and seriously in charge. The sex is, sometimes literally, out of this world. Spending an evening or three in their company can be a very eventful way to spend your time.

Sex Education

Besides being incredibly inclusive, sexy, and interesting, the British romantic comedy, Sex Education, is educational in a sly, fun, and effective way. The main character, Otis, played by Asa Butterfield, is the son of a widely respected sex therapist who uses his advanced knowledge of sexual relations he acquired during his upbringing to help his peers have safer and more adventurous sex. 

The actors all look like real people dealing with real situations. The show addresses sexual and gender fluidity, routinely promoting the liberal use of lube, in simple and accepting terms that help everyone understand the idea of an adjustable spectrum, as opposed to a label. The sexual encounters between the characters are numerous and tastefully graphic. 

Dressing up, or even acting, as your favorite character could be a fun way to spend your time while watching the show, especially if you are having a group encounter. You could also watch an episode and take some of Otis's sexual advice, whatever that may be. 

Sex Education is sexy, dramatic, and surprisingly lighthearted. This show is the perfect binge for anyone who is in the mood for humor, titillating content, and intriguing dialogue. 


The Tudors

Everyone knows the stories about Henry VIII and his six wives, but you haven't seen it done like The Tudors. There is something interesting about the sex lives of royals, especially in period pieces such as this, when the actors are so unbelievable hot and the love scenes are so steamy, you can hardly stand it. 

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is well-built, smoldering, and pompous as Henry, a spoiled bad boy who sometimes wants to do good. Natalie Dormer is just as stunning and mysterious as Anne Boleyn and their chemistry is contagious. His many, many exploits are front and center, for your enjoyment  

Whether it is the intimate costuming, the kill-or-be-killed environment, or the big, swords, there is something about this drama that is erotic and appealing to just about everyone. Since we are familiar with the story, we can sit back and relax. Let the story take you somewhere, and sometimes, else.

This particular representation of their relationship is perfect when you are in the mood for a slower, but deeper, burn. There are plenty of cookbooks with recipes from that era. You could make a dinner fit for a king and then burn the calories off after, or even during, your time watching the show. Streaming gives you the ability to allow your hands, and mind, to wander because you can always rewatch it later.  


Sigmund Freud is famous for his theories on sex and attraction, and the Austrian show, Freud, shares a story of his young adult years and the decisions and circumstances that formed his sometimes controversial ideas. So, of course, the show is all about sex. And cocaine. But mostly about sex.

If you ever found yourself so impressed and turned on by someone's intelligence and dedication to a cause, then this sexy version of Freud is for you. Of course, the show has Freud acting like a detective solving a crime, but his sexual experiences, and those of his 'patients,' really make you question the emphasis on prudery that his era demanded, especially from women.

Well, these Victorians, in particular, really know how to party and in this version of his life, he's right there with them. This is a highly fictionalized version of his story, so you shouldn't use it as a factual reference, but the appearance of nudity in the media is more common and sex is portrayed in a more natural way in Europe. 

Freud will satisfy your need for murder and gore, as well as your desire for pleasure. It's easy to binge the first season in a day, but each episode has the potential to get you hot and bothered.

Freud mixes his cocaine in water before drinking it, without even a grimace. Perhaps, Coca-Cola and a few decadent recipes from a Victorian cookbook would be better choices for a themed evening at home. 

#LubeLife understands that your options for travel and dating are currently limited, but you can mentally escape your present reality by diving headfirst into one of these great shows. They are not only interesting, but they are exciting as well.

You always need plenty of options on your adventure. Who knows what kind of trouble you can get into. #LubeLife wants you to be comfortable being you, and doing you. Confidence is key to a satisfying sex life and their collection of water and oil-based lubrication can help you enhance your desires and succeed on your adventures, whether they be at home, on the couch, or in Bali at the beach. #LubeLife has the best all-natural lubricants and sex toy cleaners to keep you banging. 

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