Sensations Water-Based Lubricants

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3 products

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Water-Based Cooling Lubricant Front
Water-Based Warming Lubricant Front

Experiment with Temperature

Heat things up in the bedroom– or cool them down, but in the best possible way! Start small with our cooling and warming lubes: slick on a few drops to see how you or your partner feels about the sensation, and once you’re vibing, add a little more to increase the warming or cooling sensation. Whether you’re going for spicy stimulation or chilly connection, we have the ‘sensational’ answer for you. Whichever you choose, you’ll have an arousing time with your erotic experimentation!

Turn Up the Heat with Warming Lubes

Make them melt by splashing on a bit of this hot commodity! Dazzle your partner with some heated fun or play with yourself and see how hot you can get. Everybody is different, so start small and work your way up on the temperature scale. Try this lube as a massage oil to give your partner a sensual warming massage!

Give Your Partner a Chilly Thrill with Cooling Lube

Try out our cooling lubricant to give your partner some extra goosebumps! Make them tingle in a whole new way. Give your intimate activity a step up with just a hint of coolness or slather it on for hair-raising chilly pleasure! In the summer, aid your air conditioner with this cooling delight. Want to make them feel an extra little thrill? A dab on your partner’s nipples can make for an exhilarating good time.

Suit Up and Slick On!

Want to crank up the sensations for penetrative sex? You’re good to grab one of these bottles to use with natural latex or polyisoprene condoms, although you should grab a different water-based lubricant for polyurethane condoms. Start small when using these exciting lubes internally, and get ready for a fun time!

Toy Around a Little

Pair one of these fun lubes with your favorite toys to get the most thrilling action! Water-based lubes are perfect for most toy materials, including silicone, rubber, plastic and glass. Need a head start on starting your adult toy chest? Check out this article and get ready to get sexy!

Playing on your Favorite Furniture?

No worries there! Our sensations lubricants are water-based and non-staining. You can get as slippery as you want without worrying about spots left on your linens. You should be able to focus on your pleasure and not on if your couch will look great later or if you’ll need to use stain remover on your laundry at the end of your sexy experience!