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10 Ways To Make Your Lockdown Fun

By #LubeLife Team   |   May 6, 2020     

The never-ending lockdown saga continues. With COVID-19 being as unpredictable as ever, staying indoors is the best way of ensuring your safety. As the days go by, the fatigue of being home all day is starting to take a toll. With not much to do, here is a list of 10 ways to make your lockdown fun. 

Host A Virtual Trivia Night    

Just because we’ve been ordered to stay indoors does not mean that you can’t bring the fun to your home or apartment. With so many different chat platforms like Zoom, you can invite all of your friends and have the best trivia night of all-time. Whether touching on popular culture or testing your sporting knowledge, you’ll have the opportunity to impress your friends and family by coming out the winner.

If you’re someone that is part of trivia nights at a local bar or organization, several of them are still holding weekly virtual events. 

Grab your team and get your trivia on.  


Purchase Gifts For A Local Business 

With local and small businesses suffering historic losses, many owners are feeling overwhelmed. Although you may not feel like it’s a big deal, providing owners with any kind of support can make a massive difference. Because cleaning products are in short supply, buying a couple of bottles of hand sanitizer could really liven up their mood. 

If you’re looking for a hand sanitizer that is effective and won’t burn a hole in your wallet, try out  MUSE Health. Containing 62% of the active ingredient alcohol, your hands will be left feeling refreshed and clean of germs. 

And if you don’t want to purchase something, there is always the option of giving something homemade. Try your hand at baking or even create an appreciation card for any business you frequent. During times like these, a simple gesture of handing an owner a present could completely change their outlook.  


Create Your Signature Cocktail 

Everyone thinks that they can bartend. With all of the extra time on your hands, use it to come up with your very own special drink. If you’re a complete beginner, experiment with any kind of beverages you can find. You’d be surprised at the kinds of flavors you can come up with using ingredients that seemingly do not go together. 

If you’re more seasoned, really push yourself and dive deeper into the world of mixology. Even if your drink doesn’t make it onto any restaurant menus, you may eventually stumble upon a delicious find. 


Take Some Dance Classes  

One of the best things about living in a technological world is that you can learn pretty much anything from the comfort of your living room. During this lockdown, staying fit is one of the biggest priorities. However, many people do not like engaging in monotonous activities in order to break a sweat. The perfect cure for workout boredom is dance. 

Because dancing engages every part of your body, you will get a great sweat going during the warmup. And because you’re learning new step sequences and combinations, your brain is engaged at the same time. 

Whether learning hip hop or ballroom dancing, an hour will go by faster than you can say Coronavirus. 


Host A Virtual Family Bake Off  

All families are competitive when it comes to baking. From your mother to your cousins, we all think that we’re the reigning champion. After years of smack talk, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and host a virtual family bake-off. Give your family members time to come up with the recipe of their choice and then place every single person on a timer. 

Although you’re not in the same room, hold everyone accountable and call out anyone who is trying to cheat. At the end of the allotted time, present your works of art to the panel of judges and finally see once and for all who is the best cook.  

If you have all of your family members living with you, it’s even easier. Just follow the steps above and have a neutral part decide the winner. 


Start A New TV Show  

Although many of us watch way too much television when you’re stuck at home, what else are you expected to do? Now is the perfect time to hop on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, or whatever other platforms there are and dive deep into a new television show. Keep an open mind when searching because there are tons of compelling television shows out there that you might not think are great at a first glance. 

Looking for a recommendation? Try out “Never Have I Ever” on Netflix. Incredibly fresh and told from a female perspective, this show is easily bingeable. 

Purchase That One Item You’ve Always Wanted To Get  

This one is for people who have a bit of spare change lying around. We all have something that we really want to buy but because of external factors decide against it. Since the world, as we know it is imploding, it may be the perfect time to get out your credit card and compulsively buy something. Although you’ll have to pay back the money later, enjoy your new purchase and use it frequently. 

If the world’s going to end, you might as well go out in style.  



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Clean Out Your Closet  

Cleaning is a task that most of us smack to the side. We come up with a million reasons why we don’t have the time to straighten up. Right now is the best time to head over to your closet and pick out clothes that you’ve had since the fifth grade. It’s very simple to let things clutter in your closet. Performing a good cleaning and extraction will not only leave room for new clothes but it also presents you with the opportunity to donate.  

Start A YouTube Channel  

This idea is pretty self-explanatory. YouTube is a platform where pretty much anyone can make a video and upload it for public consumption. On YouTube, there are so many different niche markets that you can touch on. For example, if you’re an NBA fan, you can make videos profiling specific players or teams. And if you’re into pop culture, you could create a movie review channel. 

All you need is a camera and the ability to speak coherently. On second thought, there are tons of YouTubers that sound like they quit school before the 2nd grade. 



Have Some Fun With Lube  

Time at home means time to engage in extracurricular activities. For those of you who live with your significant other, use this time to reconnect with one another. If you have no idea where to start and what “connection” even signifies, try out #LubeLife. Instead of viewing lube as a necessary evil, use it to your advantage and explore your partner like you never thought possible. 

With a variety of different lubricants that range from flavored to silicone-based, you’ll have plenty of time to find the perfect lube for you and your partner. 


Although being told to stay indoors is horrible, there are ways to make the most of this once in a lifetime experience. By being creative you can use this situation to connect with friends, family, and those in your community. Just keep following the rules and this will hopefully all be over in a couple of months.

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