2023 Sex Resolutions to Bring Adventure into the Bedroom

2023 Sex Resolutions to Bring Adventure into the Bedroom

Let’s face it. New Year’s resolutions can dry up fast. From daily gym visits to self-help reading lists, we all know there’s a good chance those promises will be long forgotten by the time February rolls around. But we know one resolution that should never be dry.

This year, we’re ringing in 2023 by having more thrilling sex — the kind that lights a spark in your relationship and inspires you to try more adventurous things in the bedroom. 

Whether you’re dating, single, or just “not putting a label on it,” here’s a list of the best sex resolutions for 2023. Let's get into it. 

Break Out of Your Routine and Try Something New 

Everybody has their “signature moves,” their way of turning up the heat. You know exactly how to get in the mood, which positions to try, and the right techniques to live out your wildest sex fantasies. 

But it’s easy to settle into a bit of a sex slump. Even if you’re happy with your sex life, you might be surprised how exciting it can be to break out of your usual routine. 

So why not try something new to keep things lively in 2023? Here are a few ideas to help you switch things up: 

  • Try having sex in a different room — or a new place altogether! 
  • Commit to spending even longer on foreplay, letting the tension build for minutes or hours
  • Switch sexual roles in the bedroom to try a new power dynamic 
  • Test out a sexual position you’ve never tried before 
  • Play with brand-new toys (even dipping into backdoor exploration)

Not sure where to start? Make a list of 6 want-to-try sexual adventures and roll the dice or randomly choose a number for your next steamy exploration. That’s a game where everybody wins!

Treat Yourself to Some Sex Care 

We all have our own self-care rituals, from face masks to bath bombs. But what about when it comes to sex? 

It might be time for sexual self-care to enter your routine. That’s right. Taking care of yourself sexually is just as important for personal wellness.   

What exactly does sex care look like? Sometimes it’s not so sexy, like annual physicals and keeping things squeaky clean. But the most exciting part of sex care is investing time in yourself. That means carving out space in your life for regular solo exploration, with or without sex toys. 

Putting your pleasure first can do more than just make you feel good in the moment. Prioritizing sex care can change how you feel in your own skin, from boosting your confidence to changing the way you view your body. Self-care is the gateway to sensual swagger.

But most importantly, you need to know what feels good and what leaves you wanting more. IYKYK. If you take some time for sex care, we promise you’ll be feelin’ yourself and scheduling a whole lot more date nights this year. 

Declutter and Make Your Space Sex-Ready 

From the bedroom to the living room couch, most of us have a go-to location for sex. Wherever you love to spice things up, make sure your space is ready to get you in the mood. 

How can you make your room sex-ready? First things first, make sure it’s clean. Get rid of any clothes lying around, dishes piling up in the sink, and trash that you’ve been meaning to take out to the bin. Clutter can be distracting and takes away from sexy time. 

Once everything is squeaky clean and ready to Get Dirty, it’s time to make the place smell as clean as it looks. Try changing your sheets, opening the window to let in the fresh air, or using a scented room spray (just make sure not to go overboard on the spray). 

When it’s time for the big moment, there are so many ways to get in the mood. Light a few candles, pick the perfect playlist, or add flowers around the room. And of course, have the tools of the trade ready — toys, lube, sexy lingerie, massage oil, and whatever else you need to have thrilling sexy times. 

Embrace the World of Sexting Foreplay

Sexting isn't just fun. When it’s done right, it can be super hot. 

Sending messages before you get together can help turn up the heat. It’s a kind of foreplay, building tension and anticipation before your next in-person visit, whether that’s in a few hours or a few days. 

Sexting is also a great way to vocalize desires and try out new dirty talk before seeing each other in person. It’s a form of pre-sex communication helping you build trust with your partner and igniting your sexual passion. 

Of course, sexting is a lot easier said than done, especially if you’ve never done it before. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page about things before you start. 

Still feeling awkward? Ease into the conversation to get the ball rolling. Ty an opening line like “What would you do if you were with me right now?” or “I can’t stop thinking about your body.”

From there, let things flow naturally. Don’t just express your fantasies, but ask your partner what they’re thinking to take the conversation in a new and exciting direction. 

And remember, sexting doesn’t have to be a major event. Send a naked picture to your partner when you know they’re standing in the frozen food section at the grocery store and time how fast they make it through the check-out line!

Need a stretch goal? Check out our tips for talking dirty on the phone, like it's 2003. 

Break Out the Toys and Lube! 

While it’s often considered a solo activity, breaking out the sex toys can make your steamy sessions even more fun. 

There are so many different options to try, like bullet vibrators, G-spot stimulators, anal massagers, and so much more. Some are perfect for beginners who want to take things up a notch, while others can make even the most advanced lovers tremble. 

And we can’t forget the #1 way to improve any sex session: Lube. This slippery sex aid doesn’t just make sex easier. It can make it way more pleasurable. In fact, one study found that  70% of female participants said sex was more pleasurable, comfortable, and satisfying with the help of a sex lubricant. 

Flavored lube has great taste and scents to make oral stimulation much more fun. Some lubes can even create a heating or cooling feeling to add a little tingle to your mingle. 

Starting 2023 With a Bang 

As you venture into 2023, it’s time to think about how sex resolutions can improve your sex life. The right goals can deepen your intimate connections and take you to new heights of pleasure and satisfaction. 

It’s never too late to make your 2023 sexual resolutions and explore the adventure you’ve been missing. Need help sticking to your goals? Subscribe to our emails to keep up with #LubeLife, so you never miss out on the best tips to take your sex adventures to another level.

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