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Over 60% of Couples Have Never Tried Holiday Role Play

In our day-to-day lives, the fear of missing out serves as a powerful motivational tool. It drives buying and spending habits, adoption of new technology, and even a person's willingness to step outside their comfort zone. And while the fear of being in left in the wake of the latest trend serves as an engine for consumer behavior, far too many adults are missing out when it comes to their sex life. 

The keys to a long and healthy sex life are communication, intimacy, and the willingness to try new things. After all, sex is as much about thrills and excitement as it is about togetherness. While role-playing is a popular way to inject a sense of novelty and passion into your sex life, holiday-themed role-playing is unfortunately much less popular. In fact, a staggering 60% of couples have never tried a holiday-based role play in the bedroom. 

With winter setting in and the holidays fast approaching, you and your significant other may be looking to spice things up this holiday season. If you're looking to join the 27% of couples who've experienced the passion of holiday lovemaking, look no further! The world of holiday role-playing isn’t complete without ideas and suggestions to help initiate your first experience.   

The Importance of Role Playing

For many couples, role-playing helps them avoid slipping into a sense of routine when it comes to their sex life. For others, role-playing serves to facilitate intimacy and prolong their lovemaking session. And for many, it's simply a turn-on. 

Popular scenarios include:

  • The sexy repairman and the grateful homeowner
  • Dominant/ submissive power roles
  • College professor and student
  • Strangers who met in a bar
  • Adult film stars on set

All of these fantasies have something in common: they introduce a sense of taboo, danger, and unrestrained lust. But what about holiday-based role plays?


Where Does Holiday-based Role Play Fit in?

Holidays have a completely different connotation. Most people associate holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas with joyous celebrations and family time. Passionate lovemaking isn't always the first thing on a person's mind come the holiday season. And yet, holidays go hand-in-hand with vacation time. 58% of couples reported feeling far more adventurous while on vacation, with 56% saying they were more sexually active while vacationing. With metrics like that, the holidays are prime time to let go and try something new.  

Not all holidays are created equal, however. Certain celebrations lend themselves to a sense of passion and adventure more easily. Predictably, 33% of surveyed couples reported feeling most attracted to one another on Valentine's Day, with Christmas and Halloween close behind. No matter what holiday you and your significant other favor, you need to find ways to segue into the perfect holiday fantasy.   

Seven Tips to Promote Holiday Role-Playing Bliss

1. Set the mood

No matter what your sexual aspirations are, setting the mood is the first step. By its very nature, role-playing requires a high level of trust and intimacy between partners. Laying the groundwork to live out your fantasies starts long before you hit the bedroom, however. It requires that you spend time in the company of your significant other trying new things and celebrating your relationship. Fortunately, holidays offer ample opportunities to practice intimacy, regardless of which you choose. 

Look for activities that bring you and your loved one closer together? Take in a holiday-themed show. Take a walk in the snow and look at Christmas lights. Treat yourself and visit your favorite high-end restaurant. No matter what activity you choose, make sure it leads to physicality —cuddling, hugging, kissing, and making out. Whatever it takes for the mind to associate that particular holiday with sexuality. 

2. Plan a romantic getaway

The point of role playing is to break out of your normal day-to-day routine and try something new. Nothing says adventure like a change of scenery! If your living situation allows, plan a romantic getaway during your holiday vacation. A weekend spent in a ski lodge or remote cabin may be just what the doctor ordered in terms of new and adventurous sex.  

3. Buy holiday-themed lingerie

Every holiday includes an incredible amount of imagery and symbolism that doubles as sexual content. From candy canes to mistletoe, black cats to round and buxom pumpkins, anything can take on sexual meaning. To get yourself ready for a holiday-inspired role play session, try wearing sexy holiday-themed lingerie.  

4. Give your partner a sexy gift 

Sometimes, initiating a role play session requires you to lead your partner in a certain direction. In other words, you have to communicate your desire as explicitly as you can. Giving them a sexy gift, like a new sex toy or a flavored lubricant is the perfect way to let them know that you're in the mood to take your lovemaking in a new and adventurous direction.  

5.  Location, location, location 

The longer a couple is together, the more deeply ingrained their sexual habits become. Everything from sexual positions to the setting in which you typically have sex can become boring and stale. 

The point of role playing is to break the cycle of tradition and blaze a path towards new sexual territory. To make the transition to holiday-inspired role playing, try having sex in a novel location like the living room, kitchen, or in front of a toasty fireplace. 

6. Re-enact a sex scene from your favorite holiday movie

If you and your loved one are feeling especially adventurous, try re-enacting a sex scene from your favorite holiday movie. While it's true that many holiday-themed movies are family friendly, major celebrations are so ingrained in American culture that there are plenty of R-rated options available, especially come Halloween time. If you and your significant other are feeling extra dirty, find a holiday-themed porn movie and reenact the high points from that instead. 

7. Introduce new products to your lovemaking  

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for something. Something simple like a new cologne or perfume, outfit, or hairstyle can make your significant other feel like a brand-new person. The same thinking applies to sexual aides such as flavored lubricants.

Lube Life offers a full line of 100% edible, FDA approved lubricants for both vaginal and anal use. With flavors ranging from cotton candy to mint chocolate chip, there's bound to be a flavor that inspires passion and adventure in your holiday lovemaking.

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