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Creativity, Multitasking, and Sex

Winter is cumming. Some of you will stay inside a lot more in the coming months. Well, there are plenty of new experiences to be discovered at home, even while doing the most mundane of chores.  Sexy, at-home activities are not just creative and a ton of fun, but they can help you with your chores as you experiment and explore your relationships, with others and/or with yourself. 

If you can combine the boring act of cleaning with the awesome act of banging and create a new routine, chores will never be the same again. Find yourself with agenda of at-home adventures this winter. It's safe. It's fun. And under certain circumstances, you can get even wilder than you could anywhere else. 

Multitasking, With Sex

The secret to adding fun to your list of chores is to turn them into a game. People seem to get very excited when sex is involved and adding it into your routine can increase the amount of sex that you have each week. Everything you need is right there with you.

Think of the things that you do around the house. There's the laundry, the dishes, sweeping the floors, dusting, etc. The list isn't endless, but it always seems to be.  Procrastination can be an easy trap to fall into. If you give yourself a goal, you are more apt to stick with the program. 

For example, if you want to practice self-care, reward yourself when you finish a chore, but only when you finish a chore. Self-pleasure is a perfect reward for a job well done. Folding that laundry would get done more quickly, especially if you have been waiting all day. 

It's time to practice multitasking, with sex.

Creativity, And Sex

Creating a game out of doing a chore makes it go faster, seem easier, and your partner may like to get involved. Anyone can do this. Any chore can have a seductive twist. 

Cleaning Race With A Happy Ending

Make a competition out of vacuuming the house. Divide the home up equally for the number of players. Whoever finishes dusting first gets to tell the other person(s) what they can do to reward the winner. 

Get a mason jar and write down activities, such as anal sex, on small pieces of paper. Anything you can think of that you are comfortable with. Let the winner draw an option from the jar when they finish their chore.

Read/Write Erotica

This game changes form with the number of people that are present. Collect paper from products you were going to throw away, such as a receipt or paper bag. If you are on your own for the evening, write out a fantasy that you have on a random piece of paper you were going to toss. Get it out of your brain and onto the paper. Make it real. If you have a partner, put their name in the story and give it as a gift. 

If you are with another person, or in a group, reading erotica out loud is a great way to distract your friends. You can find stories anywhere online, or go to your nearest bookcase and look for an author named D.H. Lawrence. 

If everyone in your group is energetic, play a game of Naughty Telephone. Sit in a circle and one person whispers a naughty, and detailed, sentence, involving people in the room, to the person next to them. Then they whisper the sentence they heard to the person next to them. And so on. Maybe that one person will have to do what the final person in the line heard because you know it's going to be different. Your game, your rules.

Food Fight, And Sex

Do you have food that is moving closer to its expiration date? Do you have a washable surface, such as a tarp, a bathtub, or a kitchen floor? That's all you need to clean out your fridge and start an epic food fight with your partner, one that is sure to end with a bang. 

Choose food that you like, that is messy, and that won't hurt when you get hit with it. Chocolate sauce is an easy one, maybe some peanut butter. Throw in some flavored lubricant when things get tight. There are so many things: marshmallows, cereal, cornmeal, softer fruits, and even olive oil that can join the fray.

You can break an egg over someone's head or cover their chest in ranch if that's your thing. You can wrestle. You can dance. Of course, you should take your clothes off. You don't want to get them all messy. 

Clean On The Streets, Messy In The Sheets

You can build a fun sex kit for your at-home adventures with cheap, normal stuff from around the house. People call this decluttering and organizing. You can put your form of protection in there. You can include any toys that you may have or phallic-shaped vegetables. No judgment.

Plastic sheeting is an excellent option. Various lubricants that fulfill all sorts of purposes would fit nicely, next to a bottle of massage oil. Dish soap, toy cleaner, and clarifying shampoo are great for cleaning up anything oily, wherever it may end up. An old magazine can be rolled up and used to teach someone a lesson. 

The lube will be in a specific location, easy to grab if your partner sneaks up behind you while you fold laundry or do the dishes. Celebrate cleaning the garage by throwing the tarp down and getting dirty. You can find a way to spice up any chore you have to do and make it fun.

So, what would it look like if sex and cleaning hooked up and had a baby in YOUR home? What can you do with all that old Halloween makeup or the magic markers? Are you just going to throw out that old spatula, or that throw pillow? Dream big.

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It doesn't matter if you are alone, with a partner, or having a special party, sex play has proven, time and time again, to inspire you, alleviate depression symptoms, and increase the general quality of your life. Who wouldn't want to make cleaning easier, sexier, and much more fun?

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