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Engage All 5 Senses With These Must-Have Products

 By Betty Knowles

Sensation play might sound intimidating, but it’s as easy as touch, taste, feel. Sex should always be more than just insert Tab A into Slot B, and sensation play is an easy way for partners to connect and to help them explore themselves and each other. 


Does the idea of getting down and dirty mean getting undressed in the dark and diving under the covers right away? Maybe! But if you want, try taking some time to enjoy the scenery!  

If you aren’t comfortable with performing a full-on strip tease (though that’s maybe a goal to work up to, right?), then start with something simple: keep the lights on during a make out session and make eye contact. Or, try watching one another get undressed. There’s also the option of limiting sight: using a blindfold can heighten all the other senses, and it can really amp up anticipation levels. Of course, there is the tried-and-true method of visual stimulation: watching porn together. 

Ready to be a little more daring? Then have your lover watch as you apply the Water-Based Warming Lubricant from LubeLife’s Sensations Pack to your erogenous zones. Encourage your partner to join in – or, to apply some to themselves. Let things run their natural course from there!


Certain scents can stir up strong feelings. Does the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies take you back? How about fresh-cut grass? Then why shouldn’t some scents bring about some strong sexual urges? (Answer: oh yessss…) 

The musky scent of sweat when you’re getting hot and heavy, the aroma of candles used to set the mood, the perfume or cologne of a partner – any of them can get the juices flowing.  

Lubricants can do the same thing. The mild peppermint scent of LubeLife’s Sensations’ Cooling Lubricant is not only refreshing, but it can serve as a subconscious reminder that sex is on the table – or on the bed, or the floor, or the back patio, or the shower...   


Yeah, yeah, we know you already have a sex playlist ready to go… (though, if there’s no John Legend on it, is it really a sex playlist? Consider THAT!)  

It’s not just music that can help get everyone in the mood for sexy time though. One of the simplest ways to stimulate a partner is with a little dirty talk. Talk about what you want to do – and what you want to have done. Comment on what feels good, and give directions about what you want more of.  

And then there are the sounds of the act itself: Lips smacking together, a hand slapping the fleshy part of the thighs, and the wet, squishing sound of genitals smashing together. Put them all together, and it’s a symphony of sex. Taking the time to really focus on the sounds of bodies can take sex to a whole new level. Using lube can amplify those sounds, as well! 


This might seem like an easy one. How can you enjoy sex without touching? But why not take some time to really enjoy the act of touching? Touch all areas of your body that you haven’t paid attention to in the past. Try to find new and unexpected erogenous zones on your partner. Explore with more than skin-to-skin contact. Use feathers, a Wartenberg Pinwheel, or even candle wax — either soy-based massage candles or hot wax candles that are body-safe. 

Temperature play is another great way to experience the sense of touch. Ice cubes, cold packs, the previously mentioned hot wax and heating pads are simple ways to heat things up or cool things down as needed to keep things going. Combining cooling and warming lubes can deliver intense tingling sensations during sex.  

And, by the way, who says you only have to use lube on genitals? Use the #LubeLife Warming lube to deliver a sensual massage to your partner, or apply the cooling version to nipples and blow for an icy chill sure to send the right kind of shivers down your lover’s spine.  


The best part of highlighting the sense of taste when it comes to sex is that food can be used every step of the way, from setting the scene to helping replenish energy after an intense romp. Get you and your partner in the mood by taking turns feeding one another some classic culinary aphrodisiacs – think chocolate, strawberries, oysters, figs, and spicy chili peppers to name a few. Prepare a romantic dinner, complete with fancy dishes and candlelight, to set the mood.  

Don’t be afraid to bring food into the act of sex itself, either. Keep some juicy strawberries nearby to feed your partner, or just to let the juice drip on their body so you can lick it off. Try using a flavored lubricant to enhance oral play. Don’t be afraid to mix and match lubricant flavors either to create your own decadent version that excites you both.  

Another benefit of flavored lubricants? Some are tasty enough you can incorporate them with traditional food. Mix a pineapple flavored lubricant into a Pina colada cocktail. Make some Sex on the Beach cocktails and add peach-flavored lube. Dress up some vanilla ice cream with a salted caramel lube. And don’t forget the whipped cream for the ice cream, that can then, of course, be used as a sweet topping on your partner’s skin. 

Don’t be afraid to mix and match sensations you want to highlight. Blindfold your lover and then let warm soy wax drip onto their nipples while you feed them small bites of chocolate. Sip champagne while listening to romantic ballads – or some dirty sexy word play that’s perfect for grindin. Light the room with scented candles and make the bed with silk or satin sheets.  

Whether you get mild or wild, just be sure to communicate with your partner so you can experiment with sensations together safely.  

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