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Explore The Backdoor: Tips For Anal Stimulation

The taboo surrounding anal sex has been around for ages, however, alongside most taboos are hidden pleasures that thrill-seekers have enjoyed for as long as the taboos have been around. When venturing into the final frontier of your partner's hindquarters, remember that like any new experience, it is best to appreciate the moment and the passion of trying something new. Hold on, and enjoy the ride! 

Take It Slow

Contrary to what you may have seen in adult movies, anal stimulation isn't an activity that you can dive right into. Sphincter muscles tend to be fairly tight, barely loosening during bowel movements. For first-timers, anal stimulation can feel slightly uncomfortable due to the stretching of these muscles. However, if it is done slowly and carefully, the muscles of the anus can relax enough to allow penetration.

It's vital to go slowly at first, and communication with your partner is critical. If you feel an increase in resistance during penetration, or if your partner says they are experiencing discomfort, stop where you are. Do not pull out of your partner's anus unless they ask you to, though. It may be more challenging to go back in once you pull out. Instead, wait until your partner's discomfort decreases, then resume with a slow, steady motion.

The same goes for self-play. You know best what you're feeling during anal stimulation, and if you experience excessive discomfort, stop and take a break. Determine whether you want to keep going and go slowly.

Use Plenty Of Lube

When it comes to lubrication, there are a few qualities that you should consider. First, the lube you use should be relatively thick to ensure that it coats whatever you are using to penetrate the anus well. Second, they should be very slippery to facilitate easy and pain-free penetration. Finally, they should be compatible with the types of toys and/or condoms that you are using.

There are two main types of lubricant: water-based and silicone-based. Water-based lubes are great for all-around use with toys, condoms, and bare skin. However, they tend to dry out after some time and require reapplication. Silicone-based lubes are thicker and extra slippery, making them great for anal stimulation. However, it's worth noting that silicone-based lubes are not compatible for use with silicone-based toys and that it is much more difficult to clean up than water-based lube. Silicon-based lubes are compatible with natural latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane products.

When choosing quality lubrication for anal stimulation, be sure to use one that suits your needs.

Engage In A Training Regimen

Anal training is the process by which an individual may acclimatize themselves to anal play. How far you take the idea of anal training is mainly up to you, but it helps to set a goal before beginning. Whether that goal is to take a specific toy, allow your partner to penetrate you, or safely engage in self-play, you should consistently work toward that goal if you want to achieve it.

The general idea of anal training is to gradually, incrementally increase the size and frequency of anal insertions, and in so doing, train yourself to become more pliable and relaxed when engaging in anal play. Most forms of anal training revolve around anal masturbation, but it can be fun to allow a partner to take a more hands-on approach.

Make It Fun

There are many ways to incorporate anal stimulation. It can be fun to lean into the taboo nature of anal for roleplaying purposes. It can be a reward or a punishment, obviously still performed safely. You can incorporate anal stimulation into a sensual massage or even make a game out of it.

For individuals with penises, anal stimulation holds a particular benefit. This benefit comes about because the prostate can be stimulated similarly to the female G-spot, providing a deeper form of pleasure.

Playing Clean

The most crucial part of backdoor fun is to maintain a clean and hygienic area for the action to go down. Not only is it important to clean the anus but make sure to trim the hedges and clean up around the place in case your partner wants to do some additional exploring of their own. 

The Partial Routine

This first method is perfect if you have as little as half an hour to forty-five minutes notice before anal play is expected, but there is not enough time for a more thorough cleansing routine. First, make sure that your bowels are empty, and then follow this up with a few rinses using an anal douche. An anal douche is a rubber ball with a small nozzle at one end. You can use it to inject warm water into your bowels to flush out any fecal matter lingering within.

Essentially, keep flushing yourself out with repeated injections of warm water until the water runs clear. The risk of a penis encountering some unnessary particles has already significantly reduced, and the partner on top should wash their penis after play to be extra safe.

The "Full Cleanse" Routine

This technique can take hours to complete and is best reserved for situations where anal sex has been planned days in advance, and you know that you have all the time in the world to prepare. Start by managing your eating habits 24-36 hours before your sexual liaisons. Try to avoid heavy foods or foods with natural laxative properties, such as apples, pears, broccoli, yogurt, whole wheat, beans, and lentils. 

When the time comes to begin your preparations, begin emptying your bowels as above. Afterward, you should follow up with a full cleanse of the large intestine through repeated enemas. The idea of the enema is to flood your body with water until you feel your abdomen begin to cramp and then expel the water into the toilet. Always fill yourself with the same quantity of water on each repeated rinse to ensure that you are cleaning to the same depth each time.

Continue rinsing yourself with repeated enemas until the water runs clear. At this point, you might feel strangely 'empty' and 'hollow,' but this is a normal reaction. Concluding your hygiene ritual with a thorough shower is an excellent way to finish this routine.

#Lubelife Enhances The Pleasure

A high-quality lubricant is crucial to truly enjoy anal stimulation and many other forms of sexual pleasure. That's why we manufacture products that help keep things smooth and slippery when you need them to be. And be sure to keep your toys clean, especially when using them for backdoor fun. #Lubelife for products that will keep you cumming!

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