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Tips To Keep It Slippery This Summer

 By Betty Knowles

It seems like conversations about sexy time and moisture often start and stop with vaginas – vaginal moisture, vaginal dryness, how to get more vaginal wetness, how to get less vaginal dryness. We get it.  

Moisture issues ranging from chafe-tastic dry sex all the way up to wet p's, v’s, or your juicy booty – can impact all people and all body parts, all the time. Thus, when we’re thinking about ways to increase moisture and natural lubrication, we just want to be clear that this is an every-person point.  

It seems appropriate to bring this “lube is a universal issue” conversation up during June – because in addition to being about celebrating everything awesome about every aspect of the queer community, it’s also important to keep in mind that every bit of queer sex can benefit from a slick, slippery, but def-not-sticky moisture. So we’re here to address something that can be legit irksome to downright problematic when it comes to your next sexual adventure.   

Did You Know Water-Based Lubricants Mimic Natural Lubrication? 

The most obvious benefit to using lube is that it introduces moisture when achieving natural lubrication might not be an option. Any number of factors can inhibit the body’s ability to produce its own natural moisture, from stress to hormones to dietary changes to menopause. Using something like water-based lubricants can take away any pressure to produce your own lubrication and involve your partner in the process of making things wet. 

This month we’ve debuted our Limited Edition Pride Birthday Cake Flavored Lubricant… because nothing makes a celebration more official than cake!   

Our water-based lubricant comes in an 8-ounce bottle with a special edition label complete with rainbow colors and images of funfetti cakes. Inside the bottle is a delicious lubricant that is safe for all types of play, but especially oral IMO. Safety note: Birthday Cake lube is compatible with natural rubber latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene condoms. This means the lube won’t break down different types of condoms and other types of barrier protection. Safety first! 

The delightful taste and scent of the lube also makes it a fun product to introduce to a partner. If you’re not currently using a lube in all your sexual encounters, trust us, you’re missing out on some slippery, slick fun!   

Q: Who Needs Vaginal Moisture? A: The Same People Who Need Anal Moisture – Everyone!  

It’s not just P in the V sex that benefits from added moisture. When it comes to anal sex, lubrication is a MUST. The anus does not produce enough lubrication for comfortable anal sex. Water-based lubricants are great for anal sex, since they will not degrade latex condoms like a silicone- or oil-based lubricant will. They provide a sensual, comforting glide that delivers a nice cushion to make anal sex more comfortable.  

And let’s be honest: if it doesn’t feel good, you’re not going to keep doing it. So to make sure all parties involved have as much fun as possible, use lube! In fact, using lubricants can help make sex safe, as well as fun. Don’t believe me? Try out these better lovin’ tips in our “Lube It Up For Better Loving With These Techniques” guide, and get back to me with your thoughts! 

Granted, using all this lube all over the place might seem like a bit much. But honestly, the beauty of water-based formulas is that they won’t stain clothes or bedding. When the fun is done, the lube easily cleans off with a little soap and water. And an added bonus? As it dries, it leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized.  

Read The Fine Print 

Is your lubricant made without propylene glycol, added sugars, and parabens? We recommend checking the fine print. You wouldn’t put low-grade lotion on your face, so don’t put low grade lube on your junk! All of our products are approved by the FDA and made in the United States. Our lubes hold strong, last-long, and satisfaction is guaranteed.  

Don’t forget our Limited Edition Birthday Cake Flavored Lube is available while supplies last, for $8.99. Additionally, 15 percent of sales will be donated to the It Gets Better Project to support their mission, which, real talk – should be all of our missions as well! 

The next time you’re blowing out the candles or licking off the frosting, don’t forget to lube it up! 

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