Lock Up Loving: How To Have The Best Cuffing Season of Your Life

Lock Up Loving: How To Have The Best Cuffing Season of Your Life

You heard right – it’s cuffing season!

That means it’s time to get ready for some sizzling, spontaneous, and seriously sexy encounters.

Whether you are looking for someone to love and hold you or to treat you like a drive-through, cuffing season is the perfect moment to just go for it.

But if you’re shy at heart, a dating app newbie, or struggle to read romantic signals, cuffing season might feel more terrifying than exciting.

Well, the good news is this.

Getting those good goods is possible for everyone when you have the right strategy in play.

The question is, what strategies do you need?

It’s time to get cuffed. Check out our essentials for the most delicious and memorable cuffing season of your life!


Before we dive into the dirty details, let’s take a moment to define what cuffing and cuffing season actually is.

You know how during colder months, you get that aching desire to be utterly destroyed by some affable hottie? Of course, many of us know this feeling all year round… But there’s something about the frigid isolation of fall and winter that puts a pressure cooker in your pants.

There are other contributing factors to cuffing season, but you won’t like the sound of them: loneliness and parental expectations.

The truth hurts! But millions of us around the world can relate to the awkward pressures of the holiday season that often prompt us to seek out love, connection, and sex, pronto.

So, what do you do when cuffing season starts?

You prepare. We all know how screwed up modern hookup culture can be. The good news is this: you can overcome anything with the right tools and strategy in place.


You deserve a cuffing season filled to the brim with saucy action. But curating the perfect cuffing season takes more than just some emotional yearning.

You need a plan of action to help get you there.

With the right strategies and tools by your side, getting cuffed up this season can be as simple, smooth, and delicious as a sensual night in.

Without further ado, let’s get cuffed!

  1. Know what you want

You can f*ck around for as long as you like, but until you know what you actually want, you probably aren’t going to get it.

Understanding what you are looking for from a hookup or relationship is the first and most important step to achieving your goals. Do you want something casual? Ongoing? Serious? Open? Exclusive?

Taking the time to figure this stuff out will give both you and potential candidates a much clearer picture of what you want, thus increasing your chances of success.

  1. Get some high-quality lube

Good quality lubricant is essential for a successful cuffing season. In fact, you should have it on you all year round!

#LubeLife’s water-based gel lubricant is non-staining, velvety smooth, and extra #thicc for extra comfort. Water-based lube is perfect for use alongside condoms, which can dissolve when in contact with silicon-based lubes.

Keep it in your purse or pocket and whip it out any time for spontaneous, safe, and stress-free sexual encounters!

  1. Keep an open mind

Sometimes, your own expectations and preferences can limit your ability to grow and explore.

When it comes to cuffing season, keeping an open mind will help you find new experiences and maybe even pleasantly surprise yourself by who you connect with.

  1. Gather those condoms

While we’re on the topic of safe and stress-free hookups… let’s talk about condoms. You already know this, but just in case you didn’t, always use them!

Why? So many reasons!

First: protection against pregnancy. Unless you’re trying to start a family right now, you need to stop those swimmers. Birth control pills are a great way to do this and a fab extra precaution, but they don’t  stop other nasties.

Which brings us to point two.

Protection against sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs and STIs – learn the difference). At best, mortifying and painful. At worst, life-altering or lethal. Don’t be silly!

If you’re not into trad gender hookups—great! No pregnancy concerns there, but STDs should still be a real concern. Make sure to ask the right questions and use a dental dam when needed.

  1. Communicate

You might know exactly what you want, but the person you’re flirting with won’t unless you tell them!

Remember to be as clear and communicative as possible with the people you engage with. This will reduce the chances of misunderstanding and ensure you both stay on the same, sexy page.

  1. Don’t plan dates too far in advance

A big part of cuffing season is that it is meant to be spontaneous and fun. Planning in advance might be an asset at times, but in this situation, you could come to regret it. ;)

The last thing you want is to confirm a date for two months from now only to have the day arrive and realize your potential cuffer kinda sucks. And not in the right way.

Go with your gut and move quickly to avoid disappointment!

  1. Avoid people from work

You know the drill.

Hooking up with people you see every day is almost always asking for trouble. And while asking for trouble can be fun sometimes, we’re out here to give you good advice.

Stick to beautiful strangers. Give your personal life and your sex life some room to breathe.


When it comes down to it, a successful cuffing season is all about having fun and being safe.

There are loads of different ways to go about casual dating and hookups, but not all of them will give you what you want.

But the most important things to remember are that:

  1. A) You deserve love, B) safe sex is cool, and C) if this year’s cuffing season doesn’t work out for you, there’s always next year. Time passes fast.

Just like most things in life, cuffing season does not define your relationship game. It’s just a fun way to channel the seasonal blues into something a little… sexier.

With these hot hookup strategies at your side and a whole lot of high quality lube, anyone can experience a bangin cuffing season!

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