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Most Couples Feel More Sexually Adventurous When They're on Vacation!

There's something about vacations that just brings out the sexual side of couples: Who wouldn't want to make love in a vintage hotel by a canal in Venice after dining on some of the best pasta in the world? 

If you and your boo are planning your next trip, you're probably getting excited at the prospect of making exotic locations around the globe your stomping grounds while exploring all aspects of your partner's body.

Most people feel more sexually excited when they're on an exotic journey together: This could be the result of an increase in spontaneity and a decrease in work, but the romantic change of scenery might just have something to do with it. The statistics actually back up the fact that vacations just tend to...turn up the heat, so to speak: 58% of people report feeling more adventurous when traveling for leisurely purposes.

With all of this talk about how people just love to share intimate moments in between the sheets, you may be wondering how you can ignite that spark with your special someone. 


If it's hot outside, there's nothing wrong with wearing fewer clothes! Your partner will likely be quite tempted to take the remainder of your garments off anyway, so this is a great way to tease them. Get a fresh swimsuit that shows just enough skin! If it’s cold outside, the same temptations apply, but only after you’ve left the slopes or the mountain village. Let those heavy coats fall off of you and let you and your partner get heavy on one another

Your efforts might just pay off: Most people feel more adventurous when they're taking exotic trips around the world with their partner—56% of the participants in a recent report said they felt more exploratory on vacation. Find out what all the excitement is about, plan something new today and start your adventure!


While you’re traveling to new places, try feeding your partner oysters or another classic intimate dish. It may just spark the mood you’ve been looking for. Sharing plates and flavors can entice spontaneity and adventure in a new setting. Get some family-style portions together, keep that hungry appetite, and you might just get a new taste of one another after you get the check!  

Don't be afraid to try out that swanky restaurant or jazz lounge. Maybe you want to splurge on an elegant hotel, or, if you're on a budget, there's likely one place right by the ocean where you can see the stars twinkling in the sky, making you feel a little more alive.


Live music and concerts are phenomenal anywhere, and if you can dance in a provocative outfit, your partner will probably be angling to get you off the dancefloor and back to the room in no time! Let those hips loosen up and the crash of the waves fall in the background. The sea salt whisks you away in whimsy and you know your sexual journey starts right after the keycard clicks the door open.


Since you're exploring the world, you might as well traverse through your partner too. Let the thrill of a new location take away your inhibitions. Don't be afraid to experiment even if your partner is into something a bit naughty! Some people really like experimenting sexually during vacation, but surprisingly only 27% of people have tried role play while they were globe-trotting. Try on a new outfit, or bring a new toy in your check-bag, you don’t want TSA thinking anything is array when they snoop through your carry-on. If you're the kind of couple who enjoys playthings, you might like #LubeLife's fabulous toy cleaner for when the playtime gets messy.


If you're traveling on a specific holiday, you may want to purchase some nice gifts for your lover or plan a surprise dinner on the way to your destination. Generally speaking, people either love or hate holidays and vacations, and you might have similar feelings towards your partner during specific times of year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 33% of people are most attracted to their significant other during the most romantic time of year: Valentine's Day. 17% get incredibly enamored around Christmas, and 13% are seduced by the spooky and creative, so they tend to enjoy their partners even more on Halloween. No matter which category you fall under, if any, the holidays represent an easy time to approach sexual adventure in the bedroom. Maybe get your partner a little tipsy, help them slip off those clothes and allow the festivities to commence.


Chances are, your partner is making an extra effort with their appearance since you're both off the clock, and they want to put their best foot forward while you're traveling the world together. If you let them know how attractive they are, they'll likely appreciate it, and they may become even more eager to make love later that evening! Showing compassion and affection towards your partner is an easy way for them to reciprocate and in no time, you will be arm-in-arm heading back to your folded sheet-covered oasis.


If you do end up getting lucky, #LubeLife offers incredibly delicious flavored lubricants that will leave you soaring to the stars!


This does not solely refer to sex. Sometimes holding your partner's hand can make their heart pitter-patter just a little faster, and they may become even more excited to get into bed with you later that night as a result!

When it comes to sex, a lot of people have at least one or two kinks, or one could say preferences: Maybe this is the time for passionate sex as you're camping in The Rocky Mountain National Park or the Italian Riviera, or perhaps your partner prefers it when you lick whip cream off of their nipples in an elegant hotel nestled in the charming cobblestone streets of Venice! Wherever your travels and love-making may take you, allow yourself to be immersed in your surroundings. Vacations are a springboard for the phenomenal, so you might just take your relationship to a new level the next time you jet off to Paris or stroll along the beach in The Bahamas. Forget your day-to-day worries, those can wait until you get home, for everything else the comes in between there’s #LubeLife. Bon voyage!

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