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New Bedroom Accessories to Set the Mood for a Seasonal Change

It is that time of year again. The air is getting nippier. The trees are getting more brilliant. And you and your partner are looking for some brand new excitement in the bedroom. It is not that your love life is bad, but everyone could do with a few new ideas here and there. Thankfully for you, fall is a great time to go out of your comfort zone and try new things. It is time to take advantage of everything that autumn has to offer!

Make Use of What's Free and Fabulous

The first step in making your autumn sex steamier than ever is to cool things off. Fall is a time when adventure is in the air, calling you to step out of your comfort zone and shake things up a little bit! So make use of the crisp, invigorating fall breeze whenever you can. Take some time to get outside with your partner before you snuggle up inside. Rake leaves, pick pumpkins or apples or clear your garden for winter. The fresh air (and teamwork) will leave you ready for some real action. And once you have worked up a sweat, you can head inside, crack a window to keep that sweet air flowing and cool off in the arms of the person you love. To keep things flowing smoothly, have a bottle of the all-new toy lube handy as you relax together.

All The Snacks (And Drinks)

Your autumn-inspired sex session would not be complete without a little something to eat and drink. After all, you will be working up an appetite (in more ways than one) and you will need something quick to give you energy throughout the evening. This is your chance to really impress your partner, whether you have been together six months or six years. Fall has a plethora of sexy snacks that you can sneak into the bedroom for a little extra spice. Pumpkin cookies or cinnamon sugar cookies make the perfect tidbit to nibble on, while mulled wine or hot apple cider keep your whistle wet for whatever activities you have planned.

Never So Cozy As When You're Together

You and your partner love being cozy together. You enjoy snuggling, kissing, drinking hot tea, and relaxing together after a long day. Each other is all you need... That is, until fall swoops in with its chilly breezes and high winds. As much as you love the adventurous air, it can sometimes get a bit too nippy, even if your hearts are warm! In order to keep your delightfully cozy vibe while still enjoying the excitement in the air, invest in a few extra accessories for fall. A weighted blanket and/or a set of cozy robes make a nice start. 


Light Up Your (Sex) Life

Of course, your partner is the light of your life (this is your sign to go tell/text them so, by the way). But a few choice decor items make a nice addition to your love life as well. As the sun sets earlier and earlier, you have more and more opportunities to turn your bedroom into a real-life fairytale. Consider hanging up a few strings of sparkle lights as a surprise for when you and your partner are ready to get busy. What could be more romantic than making love in the soft glow of a few strings of lights while the darkness outside closes you in like a cocoon? Set the mood during dinner, and when you are ready, lead your partner into the bedroom and watch their face light up with joy and excitement. 

It's All In The Smell

It is time to consider a light source that looks good and smells good. After all, you need both in order to create the perfect atmosphere for your romantic fling. Scents are a subtle yet effective way to set the mood for the night of your dreams. And remember, with fall here, you cannot use just any old scent. You need a smell that fits the season. Choose a fresh peppermint or hearty cedar scent for the perfect addition to your evening (and while you are at it, you may want to pick up a pine-scented candle for when winter sets in). If you do not trust yourself with an open flame (after all, you may be doing a lot of flailing), use an essential oil diffuser. 

New Season, New Toys

Everyone needs a little change in the routine now and then. And a new season is the perfect time to make that change. If you and your partner are accustomed to using the same accessories every time you have sex, well, you may be stuck in a rut without knowing it. While you probably enjoy the routine, you do not know what you are missing. It is time to introduce some new toys (or new positions) into your sex lives. And don't forget the toy lube to keep things comfortable! Make it a couple of goals to try something new this fall. And remember, you do not have to get too serious about it. It is okay to laugh at yourself if something ends up going differently than planned. Sex is all about having fun, so get out there and try something new. Just make sure you have great cleaners on hand to disinfect your toys after you are done with them.

The Thread That Holds It All Together

All of the ideas listed above are excellent ways to bring spice into your love life. However, what is that one thing that you have to have or everything will go awry? The answer is simple: lubricant. You can have good sex even if you forgot to light the candles or pour the wine. But you cannot have fearless, comfortable sex without a little lube to keep things flowing smoothly. Maybe you and your partner's "new thing" you agreed to try (see above) is anal play. If so, you definitely want some of this anal lubricant on hand. Maybe you have a brand new toy to try, so make sure you are stocked up with toy lube. And if you want things to get really delicious, consider this collection of flavored lubricants. Nothing will bring the excitement of fall into the bedroom like the perfect lubricant. You will not be disappointed! 

What fun fall ideas do you have to make sex spicier? Tell the world in the comments below!

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