7 Reasons You Should Start Having Morning Sex

7 Reasons You Should Start Having Morning Sex

By Colleen G
Starting your morning with pleasure for two is the best kept secret for an amazing day. Here's why the benefits of a morning sex sesh are totally underrated – and worth waking up to try!

Though lots of our readers are going to immediately disagree, we're just gonna go ahead and say it. Morning sex is better then nighttime sex. Period.

While sex is generally known as the much anticipated conclusion to a romantic evening or hard day at work, science actually says we've got it all backwards. Research shows that our bodies are much better prepared for arousal and pleasure right after we wake up.

Even if you aren't a crack-of-dawn morning person, the moments just after you awaken from a full night's rest have been studied and proven to be the best time to get it on.

This week on the #LubeLife sex advice blog, we're going to explore the sexual science of morning sex, along with a few of our own observations that prove sex in the evening isn't all it's cracked up to be.

It's a Great Way to Kick Off the Weekend

This first point goes out to everyone who rolled their eyes before they even got past the title of this blog.

To everyone out there who are night owls or haters of early mornings, insanely busy with their careers, or parents of small children, we totally get it. Morning sex multiple times during the work week doesn't always play out as you'd hope.

Plenty of us – including the person writing this blog article – can't always squeeze in even the quickest of quickies when we're running for the shower after hitting the 6 AM alarm, or sprinting downstairs to feed the kids before work. We're not asking you to lose out on precious extra sleep or ignore a crying baby to fit more sex into your life.

What we are suggesting, then, is to use morning sex to kick off your weekend. Wake up when you're ready (or just before the kids start to stir), and begin your morning by nuzzling your partner, squeezing their sensual parts, and getting down to the good stuff at your own pace.

It's the weekend (or whenever you get time off from work). Put your phone on silent, skip the morning social media scroll, and pay your partner some much-needed attention.

There's a Reason it's Called “Morning Wood”

If your partner is a male – or if you're a guy yourself – waking up with a hard-on is actually an indicator of healthy testosterone levels.

Medically known under a much less entertaining name, nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) occurs because testosterone levels peak in the early morning. Though the average healthy guy can experience up to 5 erections throughout their nightly REM sleep cycle, the final erection usually occurs right as they wake up due to the surge in testosterone.

Whatever the reason, why not take advantage of you or your partner's rock-hard penis? Which, by the way, will be raring to go without any additional foreplay.

If you love sex that goes from zero to the cowgirl straddle before you can even break out the lube, morning romance is going to become your new best friend (but seriously, still break out the lube, because everything will be that much more awesome).

Your Bellies are Empty

Now here's a benefit of morning sex that you've probably never considered.

While sex in the evening can feel more romantic under the darkness of night, candles lit and fresh off a few glasses of wine, you've probably eaten dinner just before settling into your amorous atmosphere. Though a nice dinner date is generally a prelude to an evening of hot and heavy play, filling your belly is anything but arousing.

Think about it. Now that your stomachs are full, you're probably feeling more sleepy than sexy. All that food is making its way to your colon, which isn't exactly ideal if you're aiming for anal play. Even if you're keeping things strictly vaginal, your food-filled colon can make certain positions uncomfortable, or even keep you from wanting to be further “stuffed” at all.

And do we even need to get into the messy potential of blow jobs and deep-throating when your stomach hasn't even ridden itself of your last meal? Yeah, it's not pretty, and it'll smell even worse.

Before we dive further into the consequences of triggering your gag reflex, consider this: your stomachs are empty in the morning. After everything we've just described above, it's probably obvious as to why sex on an empty stomach is the safest and most comfortable bet for all involved.

You Both Smell Like Sexy Body Chemicals

While you can't always “smell” all of your body's natural chemicals with your nose, your brain can!

After a good night's rest, your body will be naturally more oily and maybe even a bit sweaty. Chemicals like androstadienone (AND), which is found in male sweat, has been studied and found to increase mood and sexual arousal in women.

Androstadienone is a pheromone, a mostly scentless secretion made by the body for the purpose of externally signaling another creature of the same species. Even if we can't perceive their smell, our olfactory glands can.

In the animal kingdom, a female will start to secret certain pheromones when she's ready to mate, or even to send out a warning signal to tell another animal to back off.

In the human realm, pheromones have been studied and found to play a potentially pivotal role in sexual arousal and attraction for all genders.

Your arousal levels can also rise from smelling bodily fluids that your nose can perceive, like vaginal fluids, sweat from both men and women, and sperm.

So you know what that means? Skip that morning shower after all! Smelling less than perfectly fresh can have surprising benefits on your morning romance.

Your Brain Gets a Chemical Mood Boost

Sex that takes both partners’ pleasure and climaxes into account can boost your mood for the entire day, and that's a medically-backed fact.

Dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin and serotonin are released whenever you engage in a pleasing activity, like having sex or masturbating, eating tasty food, or listening to your favorite song. In short, these are the brain chemicals that are responsible for making us feel all warm, tingly, and overall, really great.

Endorphins are like the brain's natural opiates, and they can help to reduce pain and stress when triggered by activities like sex or exercise (which, by the way, go hand-in-hand, as we've previously explored on #LubeLife before).

Dopamine also floods our brain during and after orgasm. This special, little chemical creates feelings of desire, motivation, and pleasure, and it's just one part of the chemical stew that leaves you with that post-orgasmic glow.

Even if you can happily end sex without a climax, these chemicals will still get released as long as you're both enjoying it. Instead of heading straight for the coffee machine, use morning sex to boost metabolism and induce that same caffeine-type high the all-natural way.

You'll Feel More Bonded with Your Partner Throughout the Whole Day

Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, is another wonderful chemical surprise released by the brain during sex and orgasm.

Oxytocin is activated by touch and helps you to feel more close and bonded with your partner. This same chemical is also released when a mother enjoys physical closeness with her newborn.

You don't even need to have sex to release oxytocin. Simply holding hands or showering your partner with gentle affection can have the same effect.

For women, the brain continues to release oxytocin well after orgasm, which is why cuddling after sex is so appealing and feels extra yummy after you've climaxed.

You Never Know if You'll Get the Time and Energy Later

Truth is, you never know what the day will bring, but if you're like the rest of us adults who are - you know, adulting, you might not be up for sex after a long day.

In the morning, you're refreshed and energized, which you can't guarantee 8-ish hours later.

You might hit the bars or a cocktail-filled dinner with friends and end up just toasty enough that falling directly onto your pillow sounds like heaven upon returning home. Maybe your kids might have downright exhausted you after a day at the park or the museum, and thrusting is just one activity too much after the kiddos are finally in bed.

Our bodies are designed to be ready for rest as the sun sets, so it's only natural, especially as we age, that we aren't going to have much energy left over for sex in the evening. So honestly, get on that shit while you can!

When you can get even a smidgen of 5 to 10 minutes in the morning for intimacy, it'll be worth it for the mental and physical health benefits of morning romance that you'll enjoy for the rest of your day.

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