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Sailing Your Ship to Love Island

Just like cooking dinner, sex can get stale, especially if you do nothing to season it. Not to worry, as the secret to extraordinary sex life is in your mind. You probably remember the buildup, the thrill, and the anticipation that came with getting just a handful of it. Sex at this point was a satisfying five-course feast.  

Do not let sex become a struggle meal, quick and something you do not look forward to anymore. Having fantastic sex back on the menu is easy, and it all starts by remembering it takes the right attitude. 

Kick off the voyage to a sexually exciting life and don’t let anyone convince you that you are "just not that adventurous." Your thrill does not have to be similar to someone else's. You also don't have to do all the crazy stuff people are doing in their own sex lives. Instead, you need to find that comfortable spot, be open-minded and embrace the thrill that is about to engulf your bedroom.

1. Have Some Just-Met Sex

Long-term love and familiarity come with tons of advantages like being comfortable in your skin, and of course, some sense of security. As much as getting to know each other brings a warm connection, it can take away the crackle and spark that was there in the first days. 

Maybe what you need to make your sex lives exciting is having the "just met sex," and there is no better place to get it than from social outlets. So go on the hunt for swinger sites with couples looking for threesomes or thirds. In addition, you can search for couples in open relationships.

Couples looking for group sex arrangements are the key to ax the familiarity that has caused you to be so complacent. Put yourself up to a challenge that will force you to put in the effort to make the sexual environment inviting. Before you venture into the search for swingers and thirds, discuss it with your partner.

For instance, set boundaries, decide what happens after the experience, or if you are going to introduce sex toys. Discuss the idea of bringing lubricants to enhance the experience and any other issues important to you as a couple. Even if you are only inviting a couple to have fun in the same room as you; inviting other sexually adventurous people to your bedroom will undoubtedly give you the thrill and feel of "just met sex." 

2. Try Out a Luxury Sex Party

Getting some action from one person for thirty days is good. A sex party, however, carries the day. The experience is surreal, and it is something that has crossed everyone's mind just that they don't say it out loud. 

Do not let judgment from people prevent you from taking your experience to the next level. This adventure will give you a much-needed break from your partner's fake moans or the flat-out boring silence. The visual experience, which entails watching other people and hearing them get pleasured, will by itself bring both mental and physical pleasure. This means that you don't even have to participate to enjoy the experience directly; you are free to be the voyeur at the party. 

Most couples would not mind finding themselves at a sex party at some point. You get to be in the presence of multiple partners and be free in the moment. Remember to own the moment and lose yourself in it. Be prepared and have some foresight by bringing a lubricant, sex toys, and plenty of rubbers.

3. Try No-Orgasm Sex

Sex without orgasm is a completely different experience. It focuses more on the process than the end goal and allows for more prolonged and intimate sessions. Most couples are focused on having an orgasm as the goal and forget that pleasure is the whole idea. 

There is no denying that orgasms feel exceptionally good, but have you ever paid much thought to how delayed orgasm and pleasure would feel? Prolong penetrative play and prioritized kissing, touching, masturbating, performing oral, or even reading erotica. 

Another thing you should avoid is the orgasm talk. Take questions like "Are you close?" off the table and focus on whether your partner feels good at the moment. You can also try edging or orgasm denial. Pleasure your partner and build-up to orgasm, then withdraw and repeat the process over and over again. 

In the process, you will understand your body better and learn how to control it for more compelling experiences. Remember, orgasms are not everything, and stop feeling guilty and embarrassed for not giving them or reaching orgasm yourself.

4. Try More Sex Positions

Staples, like missionary, are terrific. However, this does not mean you should lock out the opportunity to try something new, as you might even stumble upon a new favorite. There are tons of inspirations you can get from Kama Sutra and other literature to retreat from the classics. 

The positions were not all made for acrobats; there are plenty you can accomplish and bring some adventure to your bedroom. One exciting thing to note about Kama Sutra is that it is not just about sex but also connection. 

The pretzel dip position, for instance, gives the advantages of doggy style and allows a sensory experience featured by eye gazing and caressing. On the other hand, the om is a passionate experience that mainly involves grinding that you can challenge yourself to. If you want to enjoy the new positions more and avoid the dreaded popping sounds from your joints, it is time to stop being so lazy about exercise.

Incorporate lubricants as you try the new and more challenging positions to make the experience smoother.

Farewell To the Boring Sex Life 

If you no longer look forward to sex every night, it is a sign things are getting boring, and you need to bring back some adventure. Change the conventional location and have some outdoor sex and experience the thrill of the outside air on your back. Focus on heightening the experience and maintaining pleasure throughout, don’t just focus on orgasms or the finish line. Get some #LubeLife to maintain your steamy sessions and stay warm this fall with new sparks flying in your love life!

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