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Stimulating Your Capricorn Partner: Fun Ways to Entice Them

Represented by the sea goat, Capricorn is the last earth sign of the zodiac. The sea goat (a mythological creature with the body of a goat and the tail of a fish) is what guides this zodiac. Caps are people born between December 22nd and January 20th. The earth sign crew (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo) are incredibly hardworking, ambitious, self-reliant, and practical. Their ambition and determination keep them ahead in life, while their persistence keeps them moving where others would have given up ages ago. Caps are the people you want in your corner, but maybe not at a party.

Capricorns are brave and fearless, making it easier for this sign to climb to pursue their psychic strength. This explains why Caps are further ahead in life than most zodiacs. They can tap into their inner fortitude to brave whatever comes their way and not let anything bring them down or distract them. However, due to their unwavering focus, they are sometimes considered unemotional and cold.

Capricorn is ruled by the stoic planet that governs maturity, hard work, and time: Saturn. Caps are, therefore, busy bees, always ready to dive at any possible opportunity to better their lives and achieve success. They are terrific leaders, workaholics, and go-getters who won't settle at anything less. On the other end, you will hardly catch caps chasing after love or any romantic adventure.  

If you have a cap in your life (especially as a partner), you are what we consider LUCKY; these people's hearts are the hardest nut to crack. You have already put enough patience and commitment into loving them and sticking with them, and this article is here to guide you on how to spice things up a bit and keep the magic flowing.

Romantic ideas to Please the Capricorn in your life 

Try out new restaurants

Caps are lowkey foodies and are often thrilled by the idea of trying out new uncommon spots with good food and magnificent views. If you haven't recently been on a date with your cap partner, this is a sign to lookout for a new restaurant and treat them to a night of good food and naughty talks.

Organize for a game night

Caps are into anything that is considered "brainy or intelligent." This is why a game night with games like a puzzle or scrabble would be an interesting idea for them. You can invite a few close friends or keep it between you two. Whatever you choose, be ready to lose because these chaps are quite sharp.

Buy them an electronic gadget

If your Cap partner is into technology, you can surprise them with a new laptop or game for their console. A fancy watch would get them thrilled as well.

Go ice skating

What better way to escape the work week and slide romantically into the sunset than ice skating? If you are brainstorming on a way to unwind, then ice skating is the go-to. Your Capricorn partner will surely enjoy the adrenaline and joy that is ice skating.

Attend a sports match

Capricorns are naturally competitive people, which is why they will enjoy a match, especially when their favorite team is playing. Instead of spending a lazy afternoon in the house sleeping or just idling, you can get into your favorite team jersey and cheer your team together.

Ways to entice your Capricorn Man in the bedroom

Be submissive

Capricorn men are real control freaks in bed. They are obsessed with dominance. They want to tie you up, spank you and make you scream. If you are into such adventure, you will enjoy the bedroom moments with your cap partner. Just make sure to have a safe word so they can know when it's time to stop.

Don't try too hard

Contrary to other men, a Cap man will hardly get turned on when you dress up like a hooker. He loves simple but stylish. Don't put on heavy make-up or too much perfume. A Caps man wants you to look your best but not overdone. Trying too hard might end up turning him off instead.

Arouse his Brain first

Before a Cap guy finds you sexually attractive, you have to be intellectually attractive first. Capricorn men are intelligent and will most likely fall for a woman they find intellectual than beautiful. Before you get down on him, find ways to challenge him mentally. He will enjoy every bit of what follows.

Ways to entice your Capricorn woman in the bedroom

Listen to her desires and fantasies

A Capricorn woman enjoys sex, especially talking about it and communicating what she wants to be done to her. Take keen of her fantasies and desires, and try to give her the time of her life.

Try new sex styles

Old is boring, and boring is not a word Capricorns understand. Your Capricorn woman wants some sauce and new juice, which can only be achieved by trying out new and exciting new sex styles. Don't just be stuck with missionary and doggy; go out of your way and try classic 69, Flatiron, and G-whiz to try to liven things up.

Let her dominate sometimes.

Capricorns are born leaders, and this is no different in the bedroom. The Cap woman will want to dominate sometimes, and it's okay to let her wild side come alive. You might be surprised at how good she can ride you.

Get ready to Experience Orgasm.

Capricorns hate boring things and are likely to quit sex when it begins to get boring or uncomfortable. To avoid that, you should grab a lube that suits both of you and enjoy hours of orgasm and pleasure. 

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