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Tips To Satisfy Your Sagittarius Partner


Represented by the archer, Sagittarius is an arrow in a bow waiting to be shot as far beyond the horizon as possible. Just like blazing arrows, they enjoy chasing geographical, intellectual, and spiritual adventures. They are fueled by wanderlust, which makes them globetrotters, and will thus be seen traversing all corners of the world in pursuit of thrilling and adrenaline-raising adventures. Jupiter, the planet of spirituality, abundance, and growth, rules the Sagittarius, which can explain their personality and behavior.

Who is a Sagittarius?

Sagittarius are people born between 22nd November and 21st December. They are known to be fun-loving, affectionate, and explorative. They will also amuse you with their top-notch storytelling skills. This skill helps them light up rooms quickly and attract people with their thrilling tales and infectious laughter.  

Sagittarius is a mutable sign associated with flexibility and adaptability. People of this zodiac sign hate routines, monotony, and rigidity and are always up for stirring things up. They love change and are highly adaptive to it, which makes them spontaneous and easygoing.

The Sagittarius woman is independent, free-thinking, and wild, while the man is fun-loving, adventurous, and energetic. They are both born to explore, and it is important that they have enough freedom to roam and tour the world. If you are lucky enough to have one of these archers in your life, be ready to pack and have your passport ready because there is no way you can stay still with a Sag in your life.

Getting a Sag to love you is already hard enough, which is why you should try your best not to mess it up. If you have a Sag partner in your life or are looking to date one, this post will guide you on how to satisfy them.

Best Matches for Sagittarius Zodiac Partners

Sagittariuses have wings that they are not afraid of using, so they will not consider you worth their time or energy if you are not down for flying with them. They also hate being tied down or dictated about how to live their lives, but can we blame them? If you are wondering whether you are a fit for a Sagittarius lover, check whether you belong to the following.



Both Aquarius and Sagittarius are committed to intelligence and growth, which makes them a great pair. Their commitment to understanding each other is unmatched, and together they form a creative, unique couple. Even though there might be some competition between them, it's never a dull moment with these two.


These two zodiac signs are made of the fire element, meaning that their intimacy can develop into a full-blown inferno. This duo has a flare for the dramatic and enjoys all sorts of erotic play.


Geminis are the opposite of Sagittarius, which means they complete each other. Half of the time, they can't stand each other, but they will make you believe in magic when they click.


Leos are simply creative and intelligent, factors that really turn the Sagittarius on. They associate on an intellectual level with a Sagittarius and allow them to stimulate each other, inside and outside the bedroom.

Combine passion with play

The archers are among the most fun-loving members of the zodiac. They are natural lovers of sex, but you have to add some play to it to sweep them off their feet. If you want to impress a Sag, drop the seriousness in the bedroom. Add some flirting, teasing, and tickling to the fire strokes. Try to get creative with fun things, but don't try too hard; you don't want to make it awkward.

Try more outdoor sex

The Sagittarius are born explorers and are insane about being outdoors. Trying regular outdoor sex on the beach, in a park, or against a tree in your backyard will raise their adrenaline, something they really enjoy. You will constantly find them trying crazy locations like on top of a motorbike or the hill's peak because, to them, it's all about adventure.

Normalize "out-of-the-bedroom" sex

The last thing a Sag wants is boring routine sex. You already know how much they love exploration, so you try to incorporate some. They can also get quickly bored with the basic sex styles. If you want to get their juices flowing, ditch the usual missionary and doggy, and explore new techniques in the bathroom, kitchen table, or sitting room carpet, not just the bed.

Try to surprise them

Anything with a surprise aspect is a complete turn-on for the Sags. You can bring a new sex toy to the game, pull them away from a party or family gathering and make out, or give them road-head as they drive. I promise you the adrenaline will work in your favor.

Some role play will not harm

Yes, roleplay can sometimes sound intimidating, but not to your Sag partner. You don't necessarily have to dress up like a cop or a schoolgirl (unless you want to.) Try calling them names like "Mr," "sir," or "madam" to help bring about some novelty. You can also roleplay as people in different professions (without the outfit) and see how it goes.

When it comes to Sags, don't be afraid to explore new ideas like sex toys, anal sex, and submission. However, make sure to consult with them prior.

Sagittarius specific flavors to keep them excited

Because of their adventurous nature, Sags are most likely to enjoy new spontaneous positions or things like sex toys and anal sex. They will most likely want to quit when it gets boring or when they can no longer enjoy it, which is why you have to be armed with a solution: Lube.  Lubes are a lifesaver and very essential to fulfilling each other's needs in the bedroom.

With their sweet-smelling and smooth sliding aspects, water-based flavored lubricants are most likely to turn a Sag and keep them riding or stroking till they call your name.

Their sense of exploration might get them wanting to get some strokes from behind. This lube will come in handy, and they will surely love the experience.

 If you are looking for a lube plug, you've just found one.

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