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The Data is In: Lube Improves Women’s Sex Lives

By #LubeLife Team   |   March 28, 2019     

Everybody knows lubricants add much needed glide and goo during sex. Lube makes sex feel better and prevents dryness, chafing, and skin irritation from ruining the act of lovemaking. It’s a useful bedroom accessory, for sure, but some folks neglect it altogether, believing its benefits to be gimmicky or boring.  

While lube can vary in quality and effectiveness, recent studies show it has some serious benefits. In a study conducted by Indiana University’s Center of Sexual Health Promotion (CSHP), researchers discovered that regular use of lube has profoundly positive effects on the sex lives of women. 

In this article, we’ll break down some of the research and reveal how lube can transform your sex life. But first, let’s provide some context to the study.

The Study:

  • Conducted by the IU’s Center of Sexual Health Promotion.
  • Examined the effects of intravaginal lubricant use during sexual activity on 2,453 women.
  • 6% of participants were heterosexual, 56.4% were married, and the average age was 32.5.
  • Participants used water and silicone-based lubricants for the study.

The study is interesting in that it’s the first of its kind to assess how sexual situations are impacted by the use of lubricants. Here’s what they found: 

Women Who Use Lube Love It

According to Science Daily [1],

 “The study participants strongly endorsed the notion that lubricant use improved the sexual experience; in more than 70 percent of events, women indicated that using lubricants made sex feel very pleasurable and more comfortable (65.5 percent). “

This should come as no surprise. Lube’s silky, wet, friction-killing effects feel great on the skin and perfectly compliment the body’s natural lubrication.

Additionally, the study found that negative side effects were rarely associated with using lube during sexual activity.

...vaginal tearing occurred during less than 1 percent of vaginal intercourse events and genital pain was reported in less than 5 percent of intercourse acts when lubricant was used.”    

This suggestions that there’s virtually no downsides to incorporating lubricants in your sex life. 

Applying lube is half the fun

Beyond feeling great, the application of lube increases intimacy in the bedroom even before sex occurs.

“58.4 percent of events involved application to the woman's genitals by their sexual partner, 54.7 percent involved women applying lubricant to their own or their partner's fingers, and 53.4 percent involved women applying lubricant directly on their partner's genitals.”

If aren’t using lube to excite your partner in creative ways, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to keep things alive in the bedroom. While the CSHP study doesn’t go into too much graphic detail about the lube application process, we’ve conducted our own – ahem – studies and present the following recommendation based on our findings: If you really want to drive your partner wild, apply some lightly flavored lube with your mouth.

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Lubricants promote safer sex

According to the CHSP study, the two most frequently reported reasons for using lube is the desire to prevent vaginal tearing and to increase comfort during sex.

This first point is huge. Vaginal tearing allows bacteria to enter the body, leading to infections. It also increases the risk of STI transmission.

Why risk compromising your health? Lube helps prevent infections and STIs, feels great, and increases comfort. What more could you ask for?       

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