24 Hot Erogenous Zones & How To Touch Them

24 Hot Erogenous Zones & How To Touch Them

There are a few hot spots on our partner’s body we all probably know about, but what about the other dozen-plus places to touch, tease and stroke to leave them breathless? We’ll cover the obvious ones but also some others sure to make your partner beg you not to stop.

Whether you’re indulging in a quick make out session or planning to go all night, erogenous zones are a key way to turn them on and keep it going!

What are Erogenous Zones or Sex Pressure Points?

An erogenous zone is any touchable place on the body that can crank up the heat in your sexy experience. Although we all think about some of the more obvious ones, there are dozens of sensual spots that are pleasurable to the touch. Everyone’s body is slightly different, but many erogenous zones are similar for most people, and exploring all the hidden places is an amazing way to spend an evening (or several!) with your partner. Consult this list and experiment (with consent, of course) to find out what makes them tick!

Erogenous Zones On A Woman’s Body Every Partner Needs To Know

What is the G-spot?

The G-spot, also known as the Gräfenberg area or Gräfenberg spot, is the wildly sensitive area on the interior wall of the vagina. No matter what you call it, it is one of the most pleasurable female erogenous zones


One we think of the most, the clitoris is the pleasure center of the vulva and the most responsive erogenous zone—not to mention the driving force behind most female orgasms! It has a single purpose: to make a woman feel good.


The lips are one of the most easily accessed erogenous zones, and also one of the most consistently rated by women as a favorite place for their partner to focus! Nip, nibble, lick, and suck between kisses and find out what drives her wild.

Inner wrists

It may sound old fashioned, but a gentle stroke along the inner wrist can be enough to drive your partner to distraction. Add some pointed eye contact or a sensual whisper to amp it up.

Back of the neck

A kiss or bite on the back of the neck can be shockingly swoon-worthy. Pair with a hand on the waist or lower back and get ready for moans and gasps galore.

Inner thighs

Tease, suck and nibble your way up your partner’s thighs as foreplay before oral sex to drive them crazy before diving in!

Bottom of the feet

The feet are full of pressure points and excellent for a relaxing or erotic foot massage, especially if you focus on the arch. Try kneading, pressing or squeezing—whatever feels the best to her!  


It won’t be a surprise to anyone who has ever shivered in anticipation at a sexy whisper or nibble that the ears are full of sensory receptors. A tongue in the ear isn’t for everyone, so first try sucking or lightly biting the earlobes or breathing lightly against your partner’s neck so they can hear how much you want them!


Another obvious one— but there are a lot of fun options for nipple play that aren’t just sucking and biting! Try clamps or sensation play with an ice cube or feather to take your game to the next level.


Some might say there is nothing more relaxing than a scalp massage. Start with some sensual music, play with her hair, and add some firm but gentle hair pulling (if your partner is into that!) to add to the experience.

Butt cheeks

Not ready for anal play? No problem! The butt cheeks are a hot zone too, whether for massaging or spanking. Are you also not sure if you want to be the spanker or the spankee? Try taking this fun quiz to help find out! 

The philtrum

The philtrum is the small groove above the lip, and it is a surprisingly sensitive spot. Plant a gentle kiss there before moving on to her lips or use a fingernail to trace the groove to send a tingle all the way down her body.

Lower back

The muscles between the abdomen, pelvic floor and lower back are all connected, so an erotic massage focused on the lower back can serve to relax and stimulate everything in that area! Plus, then the partner giving the massage is perfectly placed to bite and nibble the back of their partner’s neck, back and butt.

Erogenous Zones On A Man’s Body Every Partner Needs To Know

The shaft of the penis

The shaft is the most obvious of the erogenous zones for male partners for a reason. The ways to stimulate the shaft of his penis abound, from penetrative sex, oral sex, hands, breasts, toys and more!

The head of the penis

Try focusing specifically on the head of the penis during oral sex, especially if paired with a hand (or two) around the base of his shaft. It will really add to the experience and have him begging you not to stop.

The prostate

Check in with your partner, grab your favorite lube and find this hypersensitive sex spot about two inches inside the anus. It is one of the most intense erogenous zones on a man’s body and massaging it can leave him gasping

Outside of the lower lip

Use your tongue to lick this subtle curve under the lip during foreplay. This playful tease will have him ready to jump your bones.


For the uncircumcised, the foreskin can be a pleasure-packed sensitive spot. Try gently rolling the skin under your hand or tongue to get extra credit from this bonus erogenous zone!


The tiny spot between the shaft and head of the penis is often overlooked during erotic play, but is packed with sensitive nerves. Flick the spot underneath the crown with your tongue and watch your partner experience a whole new level of pleasure.

Back of the knee

The back of the knee may seem unsexy at first thought, but it is actually delicate and full of nerves. Add a little extra time to a full-body erotic massage to experiment with this spot!

Outer thigh

An excellent spot to caress in public, the outer thigh is susceptible to pleasure just like the inside! Run a hand up his thigh in the car or on the train. Turn your man on without ever removing a single piece of clothing or shocking any onlookers.

Base of the shaft

The nerves in the shaft of the penis extend into the body, so adding a little extra focus to the base of his shaft the next time you’re going down can be a major turn-on.


Even if you’re not normally a ‘foot person,’ the toes are sensitive and pleasurable to the touch for most people! If it’s your first time experimenting with foot play, remember to take a shower together first or add a sexy foot bath into the routine before massaging, nibbling or sucking your partner’s toes.


Try a hand massage, or gently grazing the pads of their fingers with your teeth. It’s the perfect place to tease him—try sucking a finger or two and swirling your tongue around the tip and see how fast he’s ready to go!

The anus

This is one of the most highly sensitive parts of the body, so talk it out with your partner and then get ready to explore the backdoor! Use a combination of beginner toys, hands and tongue to experiment and gauge what he might enjoy before moving on to larger things! 

Why Knowing Erogenous Zones Is Important

For your next adventurous afternoon delight, long lovemaking session or quick and dirty hookup, you’ll get extra lucky if you keep these erogenous zones in mind. You can take sex to a whole new level by focusing on those often-overlooked areas on your partner’s body and directing them to the ones you know are your favorite on your own! Pay attention to their body language and get ready to get down.

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