Best water based lubes

How to Use a Water Based Lubricant

If you're looking to enhance your sexual adventures, you've come to the right place! Nothing beats using the best water based lubes when it comes to pleasure, but with so many options out there, how do you know which one is best? Keep reading and find out more about water based lubes and all the benefits that come with it (see what we did there).

What is Water Based Lube?

The best water based lubes are made up of mostly water and a few other naturally sexy ingredients. These types of lubricants are often preferred over other types, such as oil-based lubricants because they are typically less sticky and easy to clean up with water. They are compatible with most condoms and sex toys, and complement the body’s natural lubrication so they don’t irritate the skin. Water based lubricants can be either water-soluble or non-water soluble. Water-soluble lubricants are easier to clean up but may not last as long as non-water-soluble lubricants.

Benefits of Using the Best Water Based Lubes

There are many benefits to using a water based lubricant, both for you and your partner. The best water based lubes are safe to use with condoms (you don’t have to worry about them disintegrating your condom), sex toys and don’t stain sheets or clothing.

#LubeLife water based lubricants are also great for people with sensitive skin, because our formulas are made without parabens, glycerin, silicone, gluten and hormones. We also include flavors and sensations, like warming and cooling, in our water based formulas.

The best water based lubes are an excellent choice for people who want to avoid using products that contain oils or petroleum jelly. These products can damage latex condoms and increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Not something you want to play with!

When and What are the Best water based Lubes to Use:

If your trying lube for the first time or a seasoned pro, water based lubes are great for every experience level. Water based lube is most commonly used for couples during vaginal play because the formula mimics the body’s natural lubrication. The best water based lubes can also be used during anal sex for lubrication and a slick feel. For a little extra cushion, you can use water based gel lubricant that is thicker than your average water based lubes. Water based lubes can also be used during foreplay, oral play and masturbation. Even among the best water based lubes out there, some still stand out above the rest in terms of texture, consistency, and ingredient quality. Look for options that don't use parabens, sulfates, hormones or gluten. For couples trying to conceive, there are also water based actively trying lubricants with pH-balanced formulas and a natural feel.

Water based lubes are the best choice for any type of sexual adventure. They provide moisture that helps make sex more enjoyable and reduce friction and discomfort. Plus, they are easy to clean up and won’t irritate sensitive skin. Choose the best water based lubes from us at #LubeLife to take your limitless adventure to new heights.

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