The Do’s and Don’ts of Penis Pumps

The Do’s and Don’ts of Penis Pumps

Is there a human penis in your life? Perhaps attached to you or a special partner? There's no reason to be embarrassed, but sometimes, people who have one find that they can lose a noticeable percentage of firmness, on occasion. It's happens; it's normal. And in most circumstances, it's easily fixed. Just grab the ol' penis pump. 

Did you know that a penis pump is a great way to plump up the volume before rocking the love boat? Many people find them funny, but there is much misinformation and plenty of exaggerated stories around penis pumps out there. 

What Does A Penis Pump NOT DO?

Dispelling pump myths seems necessary. For the record, penis pumps do not, and have never, permanently stretch out a penis, increasing its size. This can't happen. Only surgery can permanently increase your size, while the effects of the pump last around 30 minutes, give or take, before wearing off. 

A penis pump does not make you a dork, a nerd, or whatever else the movies tell you. The use and effects of penis pumps are never really appropriately defined to the public, so they are easy to make fun of. Mike Myers, in the Austin Powers movies, has a few pumping jokes that, while hilarious, make pumps seem like they were created for weaker men. 

A penis pump is a personal thing and your usage is no one else's business. Besides, if they didn't work, why are they still so plentiful and easy to get? You can even get a prescription from a doctor for a discount. The health of your junk sure is important.

Operating The Pump

Penis pumps were invented to help you achieve, and maintain, a stronger and firmer erection before banging or jerking. It uses the power of suction to complete this process, much like your mother's vacuum cleaner. There are several things that you can do to increase the effectiveness of the pump before you even begin:

  • Trim, or eliminate, the bushes. Shave the base of your junk for extreme, even suction.
  • Follow all user/operator instructions included with the pump. Yes, you have to read the directions; don't mess with the safety of your penis.
  • Apply a lube guaranteed to not eat, or dissolve, the sealing gasket on the pump. It helps create a better airtight seal while decreasing any comfort one may feel from the gripping, skin-tight, parts of the pump.

Most user/operator instructions mostly have the same basic 4 steps to follow for a firmer, more boisterous experience:

  1. Put your penis into the tube and push the tube all the way down to the base of your penis as it stands up straight and tall for step #2.
  2. Start pumping out the air. Your device may have a hand pump or an electric pump, but you are creating suckage, a vacuum-like effect stronger than what is possible during even the most talented oral sex.
  3. When your penis has reached the desired firmness, release the penis from the pump to begin your activities. 
  4. At this time, a cock ring can be slid down the penis, all the way to the base. It can help you stay hard and firm for a little longer. Of course, this is optional.

Seems pretty simple and safe, as long as you follow the instructions and no one would begrudge you a little practice time to get it straight, literally and figuratively. But, how does the suction, specifically, work to firm the penis?

How Does A Penis Pump Work?

To get hard, blood must easily flow in and out of your trunk. In certain diseases, stressful mental states, or in something as seemingly simple as dehydration, the blood thickens or just doesn't flow the way it should. The goal of the pump is to pull an effective quantity of blood down into your penis.

A penis pump is replicating what nature already does. It simply increases the amount of blood already collecting due to a natural desire for sex that stems from your hormones and natural instincts. And it's much safer than any prescription pill or gas station 'vitamin'. 

As your blood vessels swell underneath your skin, you grow and harden. Many men have found that if they start to lose this firmness quicker than they would like after using the toy, they can use a cock ring to encourage better behavior. Make sure to measure your girth at the base for exactly the right fit. You are trying to increase the flow of blood, not trap it forever in an appendage.

Use Lube Before And After Pumping For That Desired Tight Fit

Lube is important for a more effective outcome. First, your junk needs to be somewhat hard to get into the pump. Lube is pretty handy for such preparation. It also allows you to easily slide the pump over your penis, down to the base. Without lube, this has the potential to cause irritation, and no one wants that.

Pre-lubing is an effective technique to maximize your time as well as prepare for your future journey. You can go straight from pump to sheath, without interruption, if you so desire. This increases your banging time and doesn't give your mind time and reason to wander from the task at hand, which can soften your cock and reverse what you just accomplished.

Another great thing is that you can choose whatever lube you are comfortable with, as neither thewater-based, norsilicone lubricants, will eat away at the softer parts of the pump, as other lubricants have done to silicone toys. #LubeLife's lubricants are all-natural and perfect for helping you with that tight fit you so desire.

Any sex without lube basically sucks. Prepare a game plan for any situation.

Junk Enhancement For Whatever The Night Brings Your Way

#LubeLife supports and encourages your search for better, more satisfying, sexual adventures. Whether you are 20, or 80, the addition of lube to your toolkit will help prepare you for whatever action comes your way. Amazing sex can arise in the most interesting of places, at the most intimate of times, and your readiness will directly influence the quality of your experience.                 

Be prepared for anything anddon't forget to clean the pump after each use. Check out #LubeLife online and find your perfect lube combo.

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  • Lauren

    I get so tired of people saying penis pumps don’t give permanent results. They do just like exercising. Put the work in and get the results. I’m still gaining permanent results.

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