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Three Ways To Ensure Her Comfort During Pregnancy Sex

"Let's Talk About Sex, Baby"

It is perfectly healthy to have sex during pregnancy, especially when you are both young and healthy. In fact, pregnancy can occasionally increase a person's libido, in both partners. While hormonal changes can increase a woman's sex drive, their partner's appreciation for their beautiful, growing body can be a legitimate aphrodisiac. It's not unheard of for pregnant couples to bang like bunnies. 

As long as the pregnant woman is healthy, the baby will be just fine. The little critter can't see you. They can't feel you. They don't know what the heck you are doing. There is no reason to feel self-conscious and there is no reason to worry. Your kid will be just fine, at least, until they learn how babies are made, and they put two and two together. But that's a blog for another time.

Her Comfort

The most important job a partner has when their lady is pregnant is to keep them comfortable. Rub her feet when they are swollen. Massage her back when she is in pain. Keep her mind off of anything that makes her nervous by seducing her, if she's in the mood.

Whether a woman's libido has increased, decreased, or stayed the same during this happy time, the sex will change, and keep changing, throughout her pregnancy. You can evolve with these changes if you maintain an intimate level of communication with each other and acquire an expansive knowledge of sexual positions, appropriate toys, and the proper type of lube for your specific purposes. This has to be about her.

Toys, Toys, Toys

Occasionally, pregnant women may not feel confident about themselves and how they look. One way to increase that confidence is to add toys into your sexcapades and use them to make her feel like one hot mama. Tie her arms to the bed and tease her till she is ready to burst. Show her how sexy she truly is.

You can ensure that the toys are cleaned with an antibacterial toy cleanser. Even though her cervix is practically sealed shut at this time, you definitely don't want to introduce any bacteria that could potentially cause an infection. 

Vibrators and dildos are perfectly fine as long as you are comfortable. The vibration is relaxing, and the endorphins released from an orgasm benefit everyone involved. There is just one rule to follow with insertables, and it holds true with any type of sex during pregnancy:


Don't drive something up towards your cervix with the strength and speed of Wolverine while you are pregnant. 

Besides the fact that your cervix is super sensitive, and that its health is essential for your pregnancy, it's the plug at the bottom of the pool. If that plug is damaged, your pool will leak. And nobody likes a leaky pool.

Comfortable Positions Where The Belly Comes First

The sensitivity, size, and even position of her cervix may differ daily as her stomach grows to an uncomfortable size. Yes, she will still be sexy but always remember the one thing you must consider, her comfort. The depth of any penetration, as mentioned previously, is the most important thing to watch out for, but supporting her stomach must be the next step.

You will need pillows, lots of pillows. Many, many pillows. You can even find specialty pillows for pregnant women, in all shapes and sizes, online. They are essential for her comfort and the stability of the position you are in. Think about it: the more relaxed and comfortable she is, the harder, faster, and ornerier you can be, as long as you find the right positions for that particular time and place. 

The missionary position is a bad idea entirely. It's uncomfortable for a pregnant woman to lie on her back after a certain point and then to have someone on top of her is just too constricting, for her and for the blood going to the baby. Sex from behind, or doggy-style, for example, is a great option because the woman can cradle her belly with pillows, taking pressure off her back and stomach muscles. Additional positions include, but are not limited to:

  •       Woman on top and in total control.
  •       Spooning sex for lazy, tired days.
  •       Reverse cowgirl for those energetic and incredibly horny moments.
  •       Water sex- as long as the water isn't too warm, and you aren't in a hotel pool or hot tub.
  •       Seated oral sex offers plenty of flexibility for the giving partner to move around.
  •       A sixty-nine on your sides, rather than one person on top of the other, may just be your cup of tea.

For the record, anal sex is perfectly fine during pregnancy and many women enjoy it with wild abandon. There is no cervix to worry about piercing, no unwarranted worries about poking the baby in the head, and it can be done in any of the comfortable and sensual positions that vaginal sex felt great in. The key to excellent anal sex is a great lube. Everyone needs great lube.


Lube: Fun, Effective, AND Safe

While most vaginas are naturally more on the wet side, hormones can do crazy things during a pregnancy and sometimes your brain is ready when your yoni isn't. Other times, that natural wetness can dry up quicker than you ever intended. An increased libido can lead to more sex, which means more vaginal irritation. You need lube to keep things moving smoothly and seamlessly. And you need the healthiest lube possible, for you and the baby.

All-natural water-based lube is the top choice for pregnant women everywhere who are sensitive about using any sort of chemicals, especially in such a sensitive area. As it dries a little quicker, you will probably have to reapply often, but its use is encouraged wholeheartedly. This does not mean that a silicone based lube is bad. It is also safe to use for those who trust the all natural #LubeLife brand and is practically essential when anal sex is on the table. 

What about flavored lube, you ask? Well, that is your personal choice. While many flavored lubes are frowned upon by scientists and their colleagues, the all-natural flavored lube options at #LubeLife are entirely free of hormones, additional sweeteners, parabens, gluten, and propylene glycol, which are the exact ingredients that scientists suggest staying away from while pregnant. Each flavor is hypoallergenic, FDA approved, and 100% edible. It's just too bad there's no pickle and ice cream flavor! (Where is that suggestion box...?)

Let's Make Your Pregnancy A Bit More Enjoyable

#LubeLife supports your pregnancy and always encourages the steamy, and sometimes naughty, journey that got you there. Love is love, baby! All-natural and safe lubrication is truly essential for everyone's comfort during pregnancy sex, along with strong belly-support and a partner who makes you feel like the sexiest person in town.

#LubeLife is dedicated to making your pregnancy a bit more enjoyable, and a lot more explosive. So, hold on to your hat.

There is absolutely no reason why the amount of sex you have should change for the worse because of pregnancy. You have a lot to celebrate now. (And, honestly, you need to get it while you can as newborns are infamous for decreasing one's sex life- but that's another story).

Check out our innovative line of products, guaranteed safe for your vagina's next adventure. Neither of you will be disappointed.

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