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Try These 5 At-Home, Sexy Games for Adventurous Group Play

Recently there has been much talk, literally everywhere, about self-care. You could get a facial, sleep an extra 2 hours, or even buy that purse you’ve been saving up for. The idea is to take the time to do what will make you feel good, what will make you truly happy so that you can better care for the people you love.

Not everyone buys into the current definition of self-care being independently-based. People need people, and you can practice amazing self-care while spending time with like-minded people, especially if that's your idea of spoiling yourself. 

At-home sex games allow you to test your boundaries with people you trust, and to explore your sexuality in ways that may normally be out of touch for people who aren't as courageous as you are. These escapades can be fun, safe, and exciting as long as you follow a couple of rules.

The "Rules"

You can walk into any sex shop and find sexy games for couples to spice up your relationship.  The rules in some of these games, however, don't allow for additional players to join in on the fun. While there is nothing wrong with games for two, sometimes you want your friends to come out and play.

While the first rule of Sex Club should traditionally be, don't talk about Sex Club, it's actually the second rule. The first is to find like-minded people who are just as ready to adventure as you are. If you have seen the latest season of You on Netflix, it's easy to understand this rule. No Debbie-downers allowed. Make sure that every single player understands and is perfectly fine, even excited, for what can, and will, happen during the games.

If one person is uncomfortable or shows signs of jealousy or distaste, the game, and the entire evening of sex Olympics is over. Friendships and relationships can suffer, or completely disintegrate if even just one person is unsure or confused. The best people to choose should have certain characteristics that allow for stress-free play:

  • A trusting and friendly relationship with you and the rest of your group
  • Previous experience in group play or sex games
  • Someone who is confident and clear about their boundaries at the beginning
  • Comfortable with nudity and open about sexuality
  • Everyone should agree on a safe word, just in case

It should go without saying that jealousy can happen. This should be addressed beforehand. A direct conversation with your players should give you some insight into their feelings. If anyone is on the fence, vote them off the island... for now.

After you have established the rules and made sure that everyone agrees on a certain level of responsibility and privacy, the games can begin.

At-Home Sex Gaming

Whether you are single or attached, sex is a love language that many of us recognize as a bonding experience between lovers; an enjoyable, consensual set of acts that bring you closer together.

The only way to know these answers for sure is to talk about Sex Club, right here and right now. So, what kinds of sex games are both fun and available for group play?

  • A dangerously sexy game of Truth or Dare can be played by 3, or more, people. You can take this game and create your own rules. For example, each question and dare have to be sexually related. You can suggest Truth questions and Dare adventures beforehand and pick them out of a hat when it's your turn. You can block committed partners from touching and only allow them to watch each other play. The game is only limited by your boundaries and your imagination.
  • Naked Twister is a great sexy-time game for a group of three or more. The rules are simple. Play the game as you normally would, but naked. You can add punishments for people who fall and rewards for people who win, for example. Perhaps a spanking will teach those who lose to try harder to be good. Maybe the winner could ask for special favors from the person who lost. It's all up to you and your friends.
  • Strip TV Night is a great way to turn what would normally be a casual get-together into mind-altering fun. Are you guys still getting together to watch Game of Thrones? If so, perhaps everyone should take off an item of clothing every time someone says "Winter is Coming". When a Lannister claims to always pay their debts, pay the person to your right, whoever they are, some very, very close attention. Remember, your game, your rules.
  • Sexy Dice can be found in every sex shop and on many, many websites that we may visit daily. Instead of having numbers on each side of the die, there are suggestions for entertainment. There are usually two dice. There are many versions of these dice, but one popular version tells you the action you are to complete on one die, for example, and the other die tells you the body part you are to use. So, you could be asked to stroke a partner's sensitive areas... but only with your toes, or your wrist, or your hair, for example. You are supposed to do what the dice tell you to do, so this game is known to get as crazy as Naked Twister.
  • Sexy Fantasy Role-Playing is a great game when you love entertaining an audience. While all the other game suggestions occur in front of others, this game is just as much for the audience as it is for the players. You could start by having everyone write out their greatest fantasies and put them in a hat. You could even put everyone's name in another hat. A person draws a fantasy card first and decides how many players need to be involved. Then they randomly choose who to create this fantasy with while others watch. Everyone's a winner in this game.

The best part about these games is that you can change anything you want about them to fit your needs. If you are someone who struggles in the imagination department, you can easily find these games online to help guide you through the process. There are extras you will have to provide that do not come with the games.

The Extras

Lube is an essential tool on a night like this, and it always adds to the fun. Flavored lubricants will increase your oral sex game and add much to the fun, while special lubricants for anal sex will be appreciated by everyone who partakes in the action. The type of lube you choose may depend on your form of protection or contraception. Silicone-based lubricants are excellent and long-lasting, but the oil can weaken a condom, rendering it ineffective. Water-based lubricants are an awesome choice and work well with condoms. The best party will have all options available because you may never know what you need to use until the moment occurs.

The people involved in your sex party are going to need sustenance. Food is essential for everyone to keep their energy up for all the sexy games you have planned. Much like an adolescent slumber party, you don't want to be the first one to fall asleep or tap out. Your hand may end up in warm water or penises can be drawn on your face with a permanent marker, especially if you bring alcohol into the equation. Remember to eat.

Themed drinks, good food, and sexy music will complete your evening.  Sometimes alcohol can decrease inhibitions and apprehension. Joining a party like this, even if you have done it before, can cause feelings of nervousness and decrease your confidence. If this happens, remember that you all trust each other, and you all agreed to be there. Don't be scared but don't do anything you don't want to do.

For Further Information And Exploration

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